Welcome Spring: Introducing Our New House & Home Journal

February 12, 2018

As hard as it might be to imagine in February, spring is on the way (promise). Soon, the sun will begin to slowly warm us through, and the days will steadily give us some extra wiggle room. With the changing light and a few newfound hours comes the opportunity to see your home with the eyes of a newcomer, and begin to chart your seasonal transformation.

If you’re in need of a little motivation, good news—our spring House & Home journal is fresh off the presses with 99 inspiration-packed pages.  Read on for highlights of our favorite trends, artists, and new collections.

Spring is the very definition of a natural beauty. As winter thaws and the earth begins to awaken once again, we’re inviting mother nature back indoors. What does that look like? Rich, luxurious texture and a rainbow of color that mirrors the season of sunshine. From macramé chandeliers to natural-edge dressers to wall art that nods to sun-drenched canyons, this is our interior ode to the great outdoors.

Get the look: Shown here in lilac Belgian linen, the Ellis Sofa sets the tone for a color combination that oozes warmth and Palm Springs cool. Accent with light neutrals—like the bleached wood Betania Coffee Table—to make the palette really glow.

This spring, we’re giving classics a novel, unexpected spin for the home. Bold stripes get thrown off-kilter with delicate florals, while graphic monochrome checks are splashed with surprising hues. Abstract artwork complements gleaming accents of Lucite, velvet, and brass. Inspired and eclectic, it’s a thoroughly modern take on traditional décor. Refreshing, isn’t it?

Get the look: Styling your home shouldn’t feel like a chore. The interior designer’s secret? Filling your space with things you love. In order to make it feel layered and personal, choose classic furniture shapes you won’t grow tired of—like the Lyre Chesterfield Sofa—and accent them with little details and heirlooms.

Ideas collide. Rules seem hazy. Colors and patterns become kaleidoscopic. The unexpected wins out. This is our reverie for spring. After days spent hunkering down and hiding out (see you later, January!), consider this your home’s butterfly momenta space brimming with artful elements, fresh color combinations, and conversation-spurring corners. When décor is this dreamy, why wake up?

Get the look: Mint, meet navy. They may be only a few degrees apart on the color chart, but the combined effect of these two tones is pleasantly unexpected. One of the easiest ways to explore this seasonal pairing? This geometric, architecturally inspired bedding, designed by Philadelphia-based artist Carla Weeks. “Most of my paintings, textiles, and murals hinge on the shapes and colors of a specific geographic location, and capture my personal memory of that place,” she explains.

Good things come from constraints. Giving yourself boundaries with your interior scheme can allow you to nerd out on the details and celebrate the contrast and clarity of combinations. The best thing about going monochrome? It’s possibly the most calming interior combination ever, resting the senses with its immediacy. It also makes pattern-mixing a breezechecks, stripes, and zigzags all combine beautifully when you stick to a palette of black and white.

Get the look: Originating in India and Indonesia more than 400 years ago, gingham has been a firm favorite in Europe and the USA, ubiquitous on everything from picnic blankets to school uniforms. This season, it’s been given a larger-than-life update for the home, appearing in exaggerated swatches and startling monochromes, as seen here on our Edlyn Bed.

It’s time to embrace the new, to rethink the rules, to throw open the windows and flip the script. Our take on modern has a softer touch. Think elegant curves, soft colors, and playful silhouettes that take the edge off. Think velvet. Think pink. Think pink velvetthen add a dose of luxe lacquer and a glint of gold. We’ve never been more prepared for modern’s makeover.

Get the look: When space is at a premium, savvy seating is a must. Finished in slub velvet, our new Sienna chairs are petite, practical and, dare we say, pretty adorable. Try them in the kitchen or as accents in a hallway or bedroom.

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