To Have & To Hold: Christina’s Wedding Registry Tips

January 18, 2017

You’re engaged?! Congrats! You’ve happily picked the one, and now we’d love to help you pick the what. Building a registry can be as stressful as it is fun: starting from scratch and finding all the items you think you might need and cherish. Which plates? With which serveware? What’s a charger, again? To help you sort through the pick-and-choose process, we asked some of our in-house experts and favorite tastemakers for their top tips. First up is Christina, our just-married director of customer styling.

“When it comes to the kitchen, select a color story but don’t worry about matching. I chose white and blue, then added warm pops of copper and wood to bring in my husband’s style for a look that felt like ‘ours.'”

“Getting married in my 30s, I already had many of the dining essentials covered, so registering was a chance to layer in artful, unexpected pieces.”

“Take this opportunity to mix up your linen closet and add interesting textures and quality fabrics. There’s nothing like a cozy, beautiful bed!”

“Don’t be afraid to include artwork on your registry. You’ll enjoy it every day, and it will serve as a reminder of your wedding.”

“One of my favorite gifts was the Mobile Canvas Bin—such a clever, chic way to store everything from linens to gardening tools!”

“Monograms are a registry classic! The Cachet Hooks made my list.”

“There are a lot of photos in your near future, so consider a lovely frame or two.”

“There isn’t a rule that says registry items have to be practical, so have a little fun and use it as a chance to reflect your lifestyle as a couple. We love spending time in the garden, and a hammock came in handy after the stress of planning a wedding!”

The Registry at Anthropologie: wish big & build the registry of your dreams.