To Have & To Hold: Anne’s Wedding Registry Tips

February 16, 2017

You’re engaged?! Congrats! You’ve happily picked the one, and now we’d love to help you pick the what. Building a registry can be as stressful as it is fun: starting from scratch and finding all the items you think you might need and cherish. Which plates? With which serveware? What’s a charger, again? To help you sort through the pick-and-choose process, we asked some of our in-house experts and favorite tastemakers for their top tips.

Married five years ago, Anne, our home personal stylist, admits that she has some registry regrets. “I focused all my energy on registering for the basic items I was ‘supposed’ to get rather than choosing items that I absolutely loved,” she says. Here’s what she wishes she’d done differently, from novelty honey pots to luxury linens.

“While foundational items are key, it doesn’t mean that these items have to be simple or boring! Have fun curating your registry and ensure it reflects your personality.”

“I wish I had focused less on my appliance ‘checklist’ and instead chosen pieces that I not only loved, but knew I would use. Not a chef? Swap out that immersion blender for a great mirror or artwork.”

“Love to garden? Have the travel bug? Be sure to incorporate items into your registry that suit your hobbies. Personally, I regret not layering in novelty bakeware pieces. They bring a little cheer into the kitchen and will be used time and time again!”

“Rather than filling your registry with small, inexpensive tchotchkes, hit every price point by doubling up on linens. Linens are a daily necessity, and you will never regret having a beautiful collection to choose from. Be sure to incorporate a little luxury such as a cozy cashmere throw or gorgeous washed linen duvet.”

The Registry at Anthropologie: wish big & build the registry of your dreams.