To Have & To Hold: Wedding Registry Etiquette

May 10, 2017

As you newly engaged lovebirds know, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a wedding, and much of it revolves around your guests. After all, you want everyone to have a great time from the first toast through the last dance. As much as we hate to add to your lengthy to-do list, don’t forget your registry etiquette! A thoughtful registry makes it easy for your loved ones to celebrate with you—just follow these easy tips.

Register Early
Getting engaged is exciting, so take some time to let it soak in and admire that sparkly ring. However, you’ll want to get started on your registry sooner rather than later. Some family and friends will want to send congratulatory engagement gifts, and you never know when a surprise shower might sneak up. You can always add more items as time goes on!

Include A Variety Of Price Points
Budgets come in all shapes and sizes! Including big wishes is great, but make sure your registry covers a wide range of prices and is accessible to everyone who wants to give a gift.

Edit Your Selection
Registering is a delicate balance—you want to include enough items to give your guests options, but you also don’t want to overwhelm with your everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink wish list. After you’re done building your registry, go back through and edit out the impulse adds. A thoughtful list will make the experience more personal and enjoyable for your well-wishers.

Let Your Personality Shine Through
There’s a spot on every registry for essentials such as linens and place settings. But feel free to add items that express your personality as a couple—guests will have fun helping you prepare for your next camping adventure or adding to your collection of quirky cookie jars.

Send Thank-You Notes ASAP
The weeks leading up to your wedding will be hectic (how’s that seating chart coming along?) so it’s perfectly understandable if your thank-you notes are delayed. That said, the old “year after the ceremony” guideline is a bit too generous, if you ask us. Get to work after you return from your honeymoon, and remember—two pens are better than one, so enlist your partner to help!

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