Valentine VIPs: Gift Picks with Shalice Noel

February 3, 2018

This year, we’re flipping the script on Valentine’s Day.

While spouses and significant others are certainly on the gift list, we’ve asked Cupid to spare a few arrows for besties, siblings, parents, and little ones, too. As the old saying goes, love is in the air—and that means it’s everywhere.

Blogger and stylist Shalice Noel shares this sentiment. She spends each Valentine’s Day exploring Los Angeles with her husband, Reid, and their four children. “Every year we like to do something outdoors together. We love bringing our bikes to Manhattan Beach and riding along the pier,” she says. “There’s also a lot of Valentine gummy candy involved.”

But before the big day comes, it’s all about gratitude and reaching out to the ones you love. “Valentine’s Day is a fun excuse to reconnect with old friends and send them cute greetings,” adds Shalice. “In the digital age, sending cards, gifts, and other ‘thinking-about-yous’ is a dying art.”

This year, she’s sending her love to a whole list of Valentine VIPs.

“My sister usually steals my dresses, so I’m just going to save time and send her the dress I would wear for date night. She’s very practical, so I’d suggest the Jeffrey Campbell Charlin Bow Mules for her, too—she could pair them with jeans for a comfier look.”

“My husband, the coffee snob, loves making matcha lattes every Saturday morning. It’s his thing to do on the weekends, and I really appreciate it. This whisk will make it a lot easier for him. But I have to admit, every gift from Anthropologie to my husband is secretly for me.”

“My daughter—who was voted as most likely to go on a safari in our family—would love these sheets in her neutral bedroom. She loves all things cheetahs and leopards, and I love how whimsical these are.”

“My facialist recently sold me on the benefits of a silk pillowcase, so I switched.  And once you go silk, you never go back. It’s so soft and good on your skin, plus it preserves your blowout. Simply put, my mom has to sleep on this.”


“You know those people in your life whose cheese platters look like they walked out of an art gallery?  That’s my cousin–she makes the best cheese platters. This is perfect for her and it definitely means more dinner invitations to follow.”

“My brother and sister-in-law just had a baby—and I still can’t believe it! He’s not even a month old, and he’s so cute. They call him “The Beast” because he’s so chunky, so this set is great. Plus it comes with a matching bib and hat.”


“My girlfriend is in the midst of renovating her house.  When all the dust settles, I want her to unwind with this relaxing care package of essential oils, candles, slippers, and silk robe.  She deserves it.”

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