This is Her: Shalice Noel

March 30, 2018

It’s a notion most of us are all too familiar with: Balancing work, play, family, friends and that much-needed glass of wine we place on the edge of the bathtub after a very long day.

For the Portuguese blogger, wife, and mother-of-four @ShaliceNoel, finding that sense of balance, and looking stylish while doing it, has garnered her more than 216K avid Instagram followers – and resulted in a weekly agenda that reads more mother-on-a-mission than your average to-do list.

“I try to keep my life as simple as possible,” Shalice explains. But between waking up at 5:30am to keep up with East Coast meetings, styling shoots, hiring photographers, writing blog posts, and all the breakfast-making and carpooling in between, every day looks different than the last – and it can be difficult to find a moment to herself. “I’ll be honest, sometimes it is a struggle, but I do carve it out,” she explains. “I make time for a quick cup of coffee with girlfriends, and I also use business things as an opportunity for a little bit of me-time as well.”

It’s been two-and-a-half years since Shalice and her adorable clan moved from chilly Chicago to sunshine-on-tap L.A. “We’re not going back!” she jokes. “The sun is always shining here, which really helps with photography for the blog – the light is perfect.” And while the West Coast might be a relatively new venture, the role of style influencer is not. Shalice dove into the world of social media over four years ago, following the birth of her fourth child.  “A close friend suggested I take my styling services to the next level – and I needed an outlet,” she explains. “Instagram was really just starting back then. I loved the styling aspect. I did a lot of thrifting. I call it thrift therapy.”

In time, Shalice’s growing community of readers and followers started turning to her for outfitting advice. “People started writing me, asking things like, ‘What should I wear to this wedding?’ So I started an Instagram shop, and sold what I was styling. I was just having so much fun with it.”

Her appeal is easy to understand – she has glowing skin, a contagious smile, an expert eye, and a conversational, approachable tone. She offers her followers everything from her sale picks to occasional wardrobe tips. “When it comes to style, I really do try and keep it simple,” she says. “I like to have good basics on hand, like a really good pair of jeans and a t-shirt – add a pop of red, and I feel good.” Her biggest piece of styling advice for other moms looking for a wardrobe refresh? No more yoga pants. “Invest in essentials: a tee, a blazer, jeans, some really good boots. Then, mix and match. If you’re comfortable in your basics, you won’t be tempted to get into yoga pants when you’re not going to yoga.”

What is Shalice’s very favorite part about her career as a blogger? “Doing what you love, and working for yourself – there’s nothing better than that,” she admits. “It’s rewarding, and flexible, and I always have my family around. That’s what I love about the 21st century job: You can work from an app and still do it all. It’s a brave new world – and one that I’m proud to be a part of.”