The Tastemakers’ Guide to Gifting

December 17, 2015

We’ve been in the gifting groove, but, if can you believe it, even we still have a few last minute items to pick up. To help us in our hour of need (Christmas is next week—eek!), we issued a presents APB to a few of our tastemaker pals, who happen to have the knack for finding the perfect gift. Trust us when we say they came through in the clutch, and read on for their picks for husbands, sisters, kids, teachers and more.

Aissa Castillo of AislerChic

For my husband: Nights out are very hard to come by as of late, so we are improvising with date nights at home after putting the boys to bed. Cocktails, a cozy blanket and a fun movie sounds like a win for us.

For the kids: This year we are starting a new tradition and giving the boys a present to open on Christmas Eve. Each one will have a set of pajamas, sweet treats and a game to play while we stay up ‘til Christmas morning!

For my kids’ teachers: This mug has just the right amount of sparkle and shine to brighten anyone’s morning coffee, or as an addition to their desk to hold their pencils. And because I am a huge fan, I’m adding these cute mug toppers to every present this year!

For the babysitter: Cozy essentials will keep her warm while waiting in the car line or taking the kiddos to basketball practice when I can’t. And since coffee is always a good idea, these adorable travel mugs.

Jessica Ann Kirby of Prosecco & Plaid

For hostesses: Candles are a great gift to bring to your holiday parties this season. These not only look pretty but smell amazing.

For my bestie: This delicate feather pendant necklace is something she can wear everyday.

For everyone: Books are one of my favorite gifts to give—this one is great to add to the coffee table and the pages are filled with pretty home décor inspiration.

For me: This beanie is on my wish list, because it’s so pretty and cozy—you have to treat yourself a little, too!

Sarah Schneider

For my husband: We recently finished our bar and a pair of these will be the final-final touch. Can’t wait for him to make us some Moscow Mules!

For my bestie: Beauty all the way! We love to share beauty secrets, and are always looking for what’s new and fabulous. She’s going to love this .

For the teachers: The biggest thank you goes to the teachers who work so hard and do so much throughout the year. I’ll give them each a monogram journal, a mug to bring to school and a yummy candle for home.

For my grandma: She lives in a farmhouse which gets a little cold in the winter—this gorgeous throw will certainly keep her warm!

Shalice Noel

For my mom: She hates being cold and loves black. These Turtlenecks and Sweaters checks all the boxes.

For my friend: She looks awesome in LBDs and this clutch is the perfect accessory. Love the tassel detail.

For my sister: She’s all about comfort and happens to collects pajamas. This pair has her name written all over it.

For my mother in law: She blesses so many with her hand written notes. These by Rifle Co. are right up her alley.

Cassie Winslow of Deco Tartelette

For my mother: My mother makes ebelskivers for breakfast every Christmas morning. She loves cakes stands and it would be a treat for her to serve those delicious, pillowy bites atop this gorgeous one.

For my sister: This sweater coat is one of those items that makes any outfit look well put-together—comfy with a touch of sophistication.

For my nephews: My eldest nephew adores books, especially classics. Every year, I give him a book to add to his collection. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of my favorites and I know it will soon be one of his as well! My youngest nephew is a toddler and these bright alphabet blocks are perfect for him.

For my husband: My husband is a photographer and has a deep appreciation for street photography; he would absolutely love the Satorialist He’s also a great cook and can easily get lost in a new cookbook—I think the unusual recipes in these Cookbooks will be a win for sure!

Still searching for that perfect something? We’ve got 1,200 gifts to choose from, right this way.