The Scrunch Bunch

November 27, 2017

We never thought we’d see a scrunchie again. A near constant companion in the ‘90s, the infamous accessory eventually skipped town along with the butterfly clip and accordion headband. (What can we say—it was a strange time for hair.)

But over the summer, we noticed scrunchies casually popping up on Instagram. Then the likes of Selena Gomez and Lily-Rose Depp were seen sporting them out and about. By the time they proudly strutted down the Mansur Gavriel runway at New York Fashion Week, it was official: the scrunchie was back.

So how do we feel about this?

On the one hand, great. We remembered the reason we fell in love with scrunchies in the first place—unlike workaday elastic bands, they protect hair from snagging, breaking, and other ponytail hazards. Whether worn low and loose like the Gavriel models or high and tight as favored by early adopter Bella Hadid, scrunchies have proven they deserve a second chance.

On the other, we’re always cautious when it comes to the ‘90s. Before we tried out the scrunchie for ourselves, we asked our on-set hairstylist, Robert Mefford, for some timely tips. Here’s how he’s styling the back-again accessory.

And here is three ways to wear one…

1) The Top Knot
“The main thing you want to do with the scrunchie is have fun with it—don’t wear it in the same spot every day,” says Robert. His first scrunchie recommendation? Using it to secure a casual half-up top knot.

2) The Braid
The braid has long called for a proper sign off. Robert’s suggestion? Try a scrunchie at the bottom to wrap things up.   

3) The Pony
Any ponytail can work with a scrunchie, of course. But if you want to make a statement and wink it its retro roots, try a side ponytail. For an updated look, Robert recommends a dramatic, ear-to-ear side-sweep.

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