Thanksgiving Inspiration: A Daily Something’s Cozy Tablescape

November 22, 2016

The star of Thanksgiving is, of course, the food, but we like to think that the table plays pretty important role, too. While it may never compete with your famous mashed potatoes, as the meal’s stage, it’s where we gather to laugh, share and give thanks for another year together. As we began to plan this year’s feast, we turned to Rebecca Gallop, the always-inspirational blogger and stylist behind A Daily Something. Tag along as she talks us through the magic behind one of our favorite tablescapes yet.



Thanksgiving is a special meal—maybe the most special of the year. What role does the table play for you?
For me, the table is the most important element! It sets the tone for the meal and is the very foundation of the gathering. My goal is that my Thanksgiving table welcomes my guests and communicates love and care through the details. When your guests arrive and see that the table has been set, it is the promise of good things to come.



It’s such a cozy holiday, and this is such a cozy table. What’s your secret?
My No. 1 tip is to think about lighting. Flickering flames provide incredible warmth to a dinner, whether from a roaring fire or drippy taper candles. These are the mark of a truly cozy gathering. If you aren’t able to dine fireside, think about turning off harsh overhead fixtures and bringing alternate lighting into your dining space to help set the mood—maybe a table lamp placed on a buffet, or a floor lamp off in the corner.



Noted! Can you let us in on any other secrets?
I don’t use a lot of color on my tables, but I always use tons of texture—it keeps things interesting and provides depth with a more neutral palette. Here, texture comes from the wood farm table, layered plates and napkins, matte black flatware, etched glassware and layered vintage rugs. As for color, I wanted the primary pop to come from the centerpiece.



Speaking of the centerpiece, we love the natural elements here.
I always include a bit of nature on my table—and sometimes I include a bit more than just a bit! Regardless of whether it’s a grandiose centerpiece or just a bundle of fresh herbs at each place setting, natural elements provide color and texture, and are a fantastic way to incorporate a seasonal component without being too kitschy.



What’s the one thing that most of us forget when it comes to the Thanksgiving table?
We forget to keep it simple—or at least I do. I think there is pressure, maybe self-imposed, to make our holiday tables look like miniature weddings—and it’s not a problem if they do, but sometimes simplicity wins. And we need to be OK with that!



What are you thankful for this year?
My two girls, Zoe and Naomi. They are a constant reminder of what really matters. They keep me grounded and focused, and are my daily inspiration to live a more thoughtful, intentional life.


photos by Sweet Root Village


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