Table Talk: Mother’s Day with Cake Atelier Amsterdam

May 4, 2018

Like sun and sand or wine and cheese, flowers and Mother’s Day were made for each other. So much so, in fact, that the Netherlands briefly rebranded the holiday as Bloemendag, or “Flower Day.”

And we just happen to be long-time fans of a Dutch floral artist, Natasja Sadi, the baker behind Cake Atelier Amsterdam and a mother of two. Her handcrafted sugar blooms and picture-perfect table settings inspire us all year round, but they’re especially fitting for a day that’s intrinsically floral.

“For me, Mother’s Day is all about being there for your family,” says Natasja, who’s spending the holiday alongside her children, Jan, 8, and Nora, 6, at their canal-side home in Amsterdam. “As much as I love my work, my children will always come first. But it’s good they see a mom that’s working hard and really trying to pursue her passion. I hope that inspires them.”

From elegant garden roses crafted entirely from sugar to colorful bouquets set in Delft pottery, Natasja’s work is always inspiring. To capture some of her floral wisdom, we turned to her for advice on prepping our own brunch tables for next Sunday.

Whether you’re treating to a homemade meal or hosting a girlfriends’ get-together with all the kids, read on for Natasja’s tips on setting the scene this Mother’s Day. 

Freshen Up
It’s no surprise to learn that flowers are an everyday occurrence on Natasja’s table. But when guests are on the way, she makes sure to craft arrangements with company in mind. She recommends keeping stems low in height so as not to interfere with conversation. “That way, the decoration isn’t too overpowering,” she says.

Even if you’re not lucky enough to live in the tulip capital of the world, try to incorporate as many seasonal blooms as possible.  “The holiday is in May – it’s spring, and so you should put spring out there whenever you can,” says Natasja.

Make it Kid-Friendly
A good tablescape caters to the guests. And today? That means kids. “No need for linens – your children are going to be at the table, and they’re going to have spills and stains,” says Natasja. “I’m sort of a perfectionist, but Mother’s Day is one of the few days of the year where I just let go.” 

Let the kids have a hand in setting the scene. Let them draw pictures or place cards, and keep the palette bright and cheerful. “You don’t have to go all-out impressing your guests with china and – this is family around the table.”

Trade Spaces 
One super-simple way to set a celebratory tone? Moving the meal. “I set my table in a different room to make it extra special,” says Natasja. “If you always have dinner, breakfast, or brunch in one space, it can be nice just to move it to another window and create a lovely scene there.”

Make it Personal
In addition to flowers, Natasja likes to put a familial spin on her Mother’s Day table to help set a cheerful mood. “There have to be some personal items on display, like a letter or a drawing from the kids,” she says. “The table should look happy, most of all.”

One of her favorite pieces of decor? A letter that Jan penned in school last year. “The day before Mother’s Day, the teachers sent all the letters out,” recalls Natasja. “It was such a wonderful gift.”

The kids have a hand in the menu as well. “When I throw a dinner party, I decide the meal,” says Natasja. “But I have faith that my kids would come up with something that would make them happy, and that they’d love to share with me.”
and motherhood,” advises Natasja.

Get the Look:
Natasja perfects her place settings with pieces from the Portia and Khalindi dinnerware collections. She tops the Metalwork and Alva cake stands with her beautiful baked creations. And for her Mother’s Day blooms? They’re set in Reiko, Bocaand Arlo vases.