Eat Pretty: A Summer Detox Guide

April 5, 2017

How do you prepare for summer? If you’re like us, you already have a couple (or more than a couple) new bathing suits and a three-month supply of sea salt spray. Maxi dresses are at the ready, and the shoe rack has never looked better.

But what about you? Preparing your body for the season is just as important as preparing your closet, which is why we got in touch with our friend Jolene Hart. As a certified health coach and author of nutrition-based beauty guide Eat Pretty, she’s an expert on feeling great and looking great. Here, she shares her secrets for getting summer-ready from the inside out.

Eat in season
“Look around your farmer’s market and you’ll notice an abundance of green. Spring’s harvest bursts with green foods that support your body’s natural detoxification, from liver-cleansing artichokes and dandelion greens to DNA-repairing watercress, not to mention fresh herbs like parsley and cilantro that aid the removal of toxic compounds. It’s all there for you just when you want to cleanse and lighten up your body. Nature’s quite clever in its timing, no?”

Give your digestion a tune-up
“Not only does happy digestion ensure that you won’t have to worry about bloating and indigestion when you’re out and about this spring and summer, it’s also the key to getting the most skin nutrition from your diet. Some of the most effective ways to support your digestive health include adding probiotic-rich fermented foods—think pickled veggies, miso and raw sauerkraut—to your diet in small servings, eating leafy greens daily, chewing well and staying relaxed and mindful at mealtime.”

Prep your skin
“You can bet you’ll be getting extra sun exposure, so it helps to strengthen your skin’s natural defenses by adding a few key sun-protective foods to your diet. These foods—such as lycopene-rich tomatoes, raw red peppers and watermelon—have been shown to help your skin bounce back after sun exposure and help prevent burns.”

Prioritize self-care time
“When you make daily time to care for yourself, you support your overall balance and happiness. That shows in your complexion, as well as in your daily habits, from your food choices to the way you manage stress. Regular self-care time can be the toughest challenge for my busy clients, but it pays off in big ways when you commit. Start with a daily 10-minute meditation, a walk outside, or a facial before bed.”

Need a little kitchen inspiration? Check out Jolene’s recipes for beautifying smoothies, green beauty juice and summer detox salad.

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