A Story of Her: Profiles on Motherhood

April 23, 2018

Who is she, this woman we met long before anyone else?

With Mother’s Day approaching, we pay tribute to her – the woman who carried us, raised us up, championed us, consoled us and protected us. In partnership with MOTHER (the go-to editorial resource for intelligent, entrepreneurial mothers around the globe) we meet three women all experiencing a different chapter of the journey they call motherhood: a model rising to meet unexpected challenges, a designer balancing her family and business, and a group of sisters raising their children together.

These are their stories.


“Micah has taught me to slow down. You see the little beats of life that way.”

For model and actress Amanda Booth, becoming a mother for the first time brought with it lots of learnings – some expected and some entirely unexpected. Her son, Micah, was diagnosed with Down syndrome three months after he was born. “We didn’t do the prenatal tests, because we didn’t want to, and it wouldn’t have changed anything,” she says.

Fast-forward two years and she is embracing her new normal with charm and humility, developing a deep bond with her son and using his story to inspire others. “It’s so challenging, and that’s what makes it so rewarding,” says Amanda.

For his part, Micah is quite the charmer himself. “He’s such a joy – he’s infectious,” shares his proud mom. “I feel like unlike so many other toddlers I see, he’s really good at connecting, at looking into your eyes. He sees me. And I see him.”

Looking into the future, Amanda wants the same things for Micah that every mother wants for her child. “What I hope I can teach him is to just be brave,” she says. “To love everyone as much as he loves me. To face anything in life, head on, and never give up on himself.”

This Mother’s Day weekend, May 11 through 13, Anthropologie will donate $1 from every purchase made on Anthropologie.com and the Anthropologie iPhone app to support Amanda’s work with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.


Born in Boston, model-turned-lingerie designer and mother of three TyLynn Nguyen certainly has her hands full. “As mothers, we are the managers,” she laughs. “We’re constantly checking on everyone’s progress. We’re managing everyone’s emotions.”

TyLynn is working hard to ensure each of her three children – Lotus, 5, Czar, 2, and newborn Hunter – feel connected to her, despite juggling a new business. “I want my children to remember their childhood as a time they felt completely loved,” she says. “And that they take that love into their adult life, that they don’t ever feel like they have to have the affirmation of love of another person. I never want to them to feel like many women feel, that they are not good enough.”

Despite the many demands of being a working mother, for TyLynn, the challenge has been empowering. “It’s made me realize that I’m capable of everything I put my mind to,” she says. “It’s not completion – you don’t stop being you – it’s an add-on to being a person. It’s this beautiful responsibility.”


The spirit of sisterhood that permeates the Imrie family has enchanted us for some time – you may recognize them from previous shoots. So transfixed are we with the lives they have managed to carve out for themselves on the Hawaiian island of Maui, we revisited them once more, this time to discover their views on motherhood.

All three sisters – Tamsin, Caitlin, and Lola, plus their sister-in-law Jess – take an active role in bringing up each other’s offspring. “We do it together and we balance each other’s parenting skillsets,” says eldest sister Tamsin. “The children all get to spend time together and we get to live the kind of lives we always envisaged.”

Hawaii plays a big part in the women’s communal approach to motherhood. When not traveling, the Imries take advantage of the beauty of the islands, spending long days at the beach and in the surf with the children. “It really is the best place for children to grow up,” says Caitlin. “You’re just in the elements, and the world is yours.”

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