Spring Spritzes: A Guide to Floral Fragrances

March 8, 2018

We always try to take time to smell the roses. But with spring on the horizon, we’re giving them an extra good sniff. Same with the geraniums, gardenias, violets, and lilies. Not to mention the jasmine, plumeria, ylang-ylang, and sweet pea. And how could we forget the moonflowers, freesia, magnolia, and chamomile?

Nothing puts winter in the rearview mirror like florals, which is why we’ve curated a freshly picked fragrance collection. From bright-eyed citrus spritzes to romantic, spice-infused scents, there’s something for every flower fan. Which suits you best? Stefania Squitieri, our beauty buyer and resident fragrance aficionado, breaks it down below.

For the true floral lover, consider a scent that’s almost solely petal-powered. This could be a single-flower scent—known in the fragrance industry as “soliflore”—or a bouquet of complementary blossoms. “These scents tend to be feminine, romantic, and pretty,” says Stefania. “For a more delicate touch, look for scents that incorporate lilac and orange blossom. Or, for a stronger floral, consider gardenia and rose.”

Spritz this: Lollia Relax Eau de Parfum combines lavender and white orchid with notes of Tahitian vanilla and honey for a light, soothing scent. For a bolder take, try Mistral Classic Eau de Parfum in Lychee Rose. The French parfumerie delicately balances exotic florals with black currant, amber, and cedarwood.

Constantly dreaming of somewhere sunny? Scents that combine citrus and florals are light, bright, and made for you. “Fresh notes of lemon, grapefruit, and mandarin make the Citrus scent family energizing and vibrant,” says Stefania. “These effervescent fragrances are particularly nice during the spring and summer.”

Spritz this: Combining feminine florals with zesty notes of orange, lemon, and mango, Anatomy of a Fragrance Eau de Parfum in Wildflower Bergamot is sunshine in a bottle. Just as lovely? The ready-to-gift, display-worthy packaging.

With notes of cardamom, clove, and cinnamon, fragrances in the Spice family tend to be bigger and bolder. Fresh florals bring balance, as do vanilla and amber. “These are exotic and more forward, but have a smooth sweetness to them,” says Stefania.

Spritz this: Known for their romantic, sophisticated scents, Tocca combines vibrant, honeyed tuberose with amber, patchouli, and musk for Cleopatra, an eau de parfum with some serious flower power.

If “less is more” is your mantra, consider floral scents in the Fresh family. Cool, clean, and crisp, they incorporate notes of grass, greenery, herbs, and saltwater. “Fresh fragrances evoke the outdoors,” says Stefania. “They’re reminiscent of dew, the ocean, and the forest.”

Spritz this: Kai Perfume Oil is a cult classic for a reason. Gardenia, cedarwood, and clove come together for a fresh tropical scent inspired by founder Gaye Straza’s childhood memories of the Hawaii.

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