Notes From A Stylist: Spring Home Trends

February 20, 2017

We’ve had a hard time—make that a very hard time—putting down our Spring House & Home Journal. And now, after dog-earing the pages and scribbling in the margins, we have questions. Well, mostly one question: “How?!” For that, we turned to Hans Blomquist, the stylist behind some of our very favorite rooms in the book. Here, he explains how to turn your humble abode into a photo-ready retreat.

“It’s important to invite the light in for spring. I’m Swedish, so this is especially true for me, as the winter months in Sweden can be very dark and gloomy. Lighter curtains make your home feel airier, and changing throw pillows and rugs to a brighter color scheme also helps. It’s a bit like updating your seasonal wardrobe—swap out the heavier fabrics and darker colors. Then, get rid of clutter, keep decorations to a minimum and add some bright green plants.”

“For spring, I like bedding in softer shades to reflect the season’s flowers, anything from blush to pale chartreuse. Linen is my personal preference, both for the feeling and for the casual, unmade look. It’s at its best when just washed and slightly wrinkled.”

“Patterns are big this spring in the interior world, just like in the fashion world. If the trend seems overwhelming, start by adding patterns with wall art and throw pillows. If you’re more adventurous, start with an upholstered piece and slowly build up to layers of patterns. What’s important for a modern look is that you mix different patterns together—florals with graphic prints, or a small-scale print on the sofa with a large-scale wallpaper.”

“Texture is really important to incorporate into any space. If you live in a contemporary home with modern furniture, texture can easily be added with textiles and plants or by adding a few vintage pieces to make the space feel more lived in. If you already have a lot of texture, do the opposite with a few pieces of sleek, modern furniture. It’s always important to mix old with new, textured with polished—it’s the contrast that gives a home life and personality.”

“Adding pillows and throws will immediately add warmth, and it doesn’t cost much money. Go for a variety of materials and textured weaves.”

“Right now, I’m loving anything green. It’s the “it” color for the season, from upholstery to walls to accents, from light green to dark moss. Try a banana plant, both as a potted plant and as leaves in a large vase. It adds a graphic statement and brings in that bright green accent that works well in any interior.”

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