Weekend Retreat: Our Saturday Morning Rituals

March 17, 2017

There’s no wrong way to spend Saturday morning. Whether you’re a rise-and-shiner or a sleepyhead, a bookworm or a yogi, there’s something special about these first few hours of the weekend. So how do you spend yours? We asked around our Home Office, just in case you need a little R&R inspiration.
“I get up early, put on a pot of coffee and grab my journal before the world wakes up. It’s the most peaceful time of the week.” —Emily B.

“We make a big breakfast and catch up as a family. It’s so hard to sit down together on weekday mornings, but we always set aside Saturday for a long, leisurely meal.” —Charlotte L.

“I take my dogs for a run through the park. They look forward to it all week!” —Sydney M.

“I spend some quality time with my record collection—and turn off my phone.” —Owen T.

“My daughter and I practice yoga. She’s only four, but she’s better than me at most poses.” —Caroline T.

“I love curling up with the New York Times—the paper one! There’s something so relaxing about closing the computer and scrolling through the news the old-fashioned way.” —Allison M.

“I sleep in. What else would you do?” —Chelsea P.


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