In Praise Of April Showers: Rainy Day Rituals

April 4, 2017

You know how the saying goes: April showers bring May flowers. But we never thought this was quite fair. As lovely as daffodils are, a rainy day isn’t simply a means to an end—in fact, we find ourselves looking forward to the month’s stormy weather. Some things, we’ve found, are simply better when rain’s tapping at the window and the sun decides to sleep in. Need a way to pass a “dreary” day? We’ll get you started.

Catch up on reading (in bed, of course)
There’s nothing cozier than a rainy morning, a good read and all the blankets.

Enjoy tea time
Watching the rain and drinking a cuppa go together like Loralei and Rory.

Whip up some comfort food
You know what’s great with tea? Chocolate chip cookies. Ask mom for her recipe, then double it.

Play board games
Before Words With Friends, there was Scrabble—and it was pretty great. Dust off those old school games, find your pack of cards and maybe even get wild and break out a puzzle or two.

Update your journal
A quiet afternoon is the perfect time to schedule an overdue meeting with yourself.

Stay in your pajamas
All day. As soon as you put on real pants, the spell will be broken.

Take a walk
And don’t forget to jump in puddles—your rain boots deserve some fun, too!

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