Puppy Love: Anthropologie Rescue Stories

February 14, 2018

Don’t you just love a good love story? You know the kind: there’s a rocky history, then a serendipitous meet-cute, followed by clumsy, full-face kisses and lots of paw-holding.
Yes, this Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating puppy love. Because frankly, we can’t get enough of it.
While our love for dogs doesn’t discriminate, there’s something extra-special about rescue pups. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters each year. But despite these rough beginnings, they’re more than ready to love—they just need you to make the first move.
At our Home Office, we’re lucky to work alongside some seriously cute rescue dogs every day. Here, we introduce you to a few of our favorites, each with their own happily-ever-after to tell.

Owner: Christina Ryder, Marketing Manager
Breed: Border Collie mix
Together for: 1 year
Age: 2
Favorite toy: A big blue monster with 12 squeakers
Quirks: Wiggles when excited, completely obsessed with squirrels
It was love at first sight for Dagny and Christina, who first met after Dagny took a long drive up from Georgia with the help of a Philadelphia rescue. “She immediately sat in the space between me and my husband, then rested her head on my knee,” says Christina. “She just snuggled right up to us.” Makes sense, since both gals are truly two of a kind. “We both love affection and a good treat,” she says. “And I’m always wearing all-black with white sneakers.” Coming up on their one-year anniversary, Christina notes that her time with Dagny has been nothing but wonderful. “With her, we’ve socialized in new ways and have gotten to know different parts of the city. She’s a very, very good companion.”

Owner: Colleen Cordaro, Social Media Coordinator
Breed: Chihuahua
Together for: Just over a year
Favorite toy: Any stuffed animal, preferably of the penguin variety
Signature style: A bald belly and bow-legs
Tito took it hard when his favorite friend was adopted from the shelter without him. Luckily, things turned around seven months later when he met Colleen through a San Diego rescue. “I was drawn to Tito’s independence—that’s rare for a Chihuahua,” she says. “Plus, he’s just so cute and tiny; he’s travel-sized, and I love to take him along everywhere I go.” While they both appreciate a good afternoon nap, this dynamic duo spends weekends hiking and exploring. “He’s a real California boy,” she says. “We both prefer being outside over anything else.”

Owner: Maddie Sheahan, Assistant Merchandiser
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Together for: Two weeks
 11 weeks
Favorite toy: A little elephant made of rope (she’s teething!)
Claim to fame: Although just a puppy, Mae is already a shoe connoisseur
Who says new couples should take things slow? Mae was found in a box in Georgia just a few weeks ago, and she’s already moved into Maddie’s Philadelphia home. Things are going well for the new roommates. “I’m very outgoing, and she’s very shy,” says Maddie. “But she warms up once you start playing with her, and she’ll cuddle into anyone’s arms.” The two can usually be found snuggled up watching Netflix or Facetiming with Maddie’s mom in Chicago. “I just think she’s so sweet,” says Maddie, “And the brown spot on her face? The cutest.”

Owner: Alyssa Roman, Digital Marketing Manager
Breed: Part Carolina with a dash of Terrier
Together for: 5 years
Favorite toy: All of them
Favorite naptime: All of them
After watching all nine of her litter mates get adopted, Mika finally found her match, Alyssa, online after a stint in six different foster homes. “She looked like a little tough guy in her posting pic,” remembers Alyssa. “As soon as we saw her in real life, my husband and I knew she was perfect.” These days, Mika enjoys going on hikes and visiting Alyssa’s family in New York, where she has four furry friends to play with. “I just love her attitude and how she always just goes with the flow,” says Alyssa. “She’s my sidekick at work, and she’s at my feet all night long.”

Owner: Erin Brown, Marketing Coordinator
Breed: Miniature Pinscher, Poodle, and Cocker Spaniel — he’s a real cocktail
Together for: 8 months
: 7-ish
Favorite toy: Squeaky Lambchop
Life goal: Billy has yet to catch his own tail, but that doesn’t stop him from trying
Billy is a real man of mystery. No one knows exactly how he wound up on the side of a busy New Jersey road, but after months spent bonding with his favorite human, Erin, the promise of a happy future is all that truly matters. “I can only wonder what his life was like before,” says Erin, “It’s kind of amazing that he’s such a happy dog despite his rough start.” Though they’re both a couple of old souls, it was actually Erin’s mom who set them up online. “I think she was half-joking when she sent me his picture; she thought his beard was funny,” she says. “But then I saw his little face—he was perfect.”

Owner: Catherine Moellering, Director of Beauty & Wellness
Breed: Mini German Spitz
Together for: 9 years
Age: 9
Favorite toy: His cat pal, Mustache
Retail weakness: George can’t resist a nice bag
George wasn’t always the stone-cold stunner you see here. In fact, when Catherine found him on the highway as a pup, his lush hair was in shambles and he badly needed a bath. Fortunately, fate put him in the loving hands of a true beauty buff, and these days, he’s never spotted without a fresh blowout. “He absolutely loves to be blow dried,” says Catherine. “He’s always positive and he’s always up for anything.” To wit, George recently helped Catherine raise a litter of foster kittens. (His best bud, Mustache, became a permanent member of the family.)