Pretty, Potent: A Botanical Beauty Guide

August 29, 2016

This fall, we’re wild about ingredients that draw their strength from nature. From farm-fresh botanicals and skin-soothing seeds to hydrating fruit oils and revitalizing floral extracts, we’re looking to the plant world’s most powerful elements to bring about That Glow, both outside and in.


Chia Seed
These tiny seeds pack a powerful punch. Rich in omega-3s, they add moisture while reducing redness and warding off wrinkles.
Found in: Votary Super Seed Cleansing Oil, an anti-aging super-serum formulated with a nourishing blend of 21 seed oils.



A time-honored pick-me-up, this hardworking herb is known to soothe dry, irritated skin.
Found in: Cocovit Mint Lip Polish, an ultra-moisturizing exfoliant that revitalizes chapped lips.



In addition to its aromatherapeutic benefits, rose oil hydrates, smooths and brightens skin.
Found in: Sunday Riley Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, a luxurious blend of Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian roses that conditions dry skin while reducing wrinkles.



Instant calm, in essential oil form. Namaste, Mother Nature.
Found in: Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses, a hydrating, soul-soothing soak.



This anti-inflammatory, anti-aging root is a centuries-old beauty secret on par with the Fountain of Youth.
Found in: RMS Beauty Oil, a one-stop shop for a radiant, dewy glow.



Packed with Vitamin A, beeswax softens skin while promoting cell reconstruction.
Found in: Indie Lee Calendula Eye Balm, which targets pesky dark circles with mango seed butter, beeswax and calendula oil.



Green Tea
This antioxidant powerhouse will make you feel as radiant as you look. (As in, very.)
Found in: Edible Beauty Green Goddess Detox, a therapeutic blend designed to promote liver cleansing, fight fatigue and boost stamina.

Preparing your vanity for fall? We have plenty of hydrating lotions and potions for the months ahead!