Personal Styling: Our Wardrobe Resolutions

January 22, 2018

Are you in a wardrobe rut?

Here are some common symptoms: You’ve worn black every day this week. You get separation anxiety when your favorite jeans are in the wash. You have the same dress in two different colors (three if you’re being honest).

If this sounds familiar, fear not. The new year is the perfect time to change things up, and our stylists are on-hand to help. Here, they share their own wardrobe regrets and resolutions, as well as some of their favorite pieces to start 2018 off right.

WHO: Christina Frederick, Personal Styling Director
WHAT: “This year, I’m resolving to give denim a rest. While jeans will always have a strong hold on my heart, I’m craving a bottoms-up refresh and trying to limit denim to a couple days a week.”
HOW: “The first step is finding stylish trousers that are as versatile and easy as denim. One thing I love about a polished pant is that you can be more casual up top—a hoodie is great way to balance a dressier trouser.”

WHO: Anne White, Styling Manager
WHAT: “As a new mom, I’ve been trying to reestablish a personal style that fits my new lifestyle but still feels like me. For me, maintaining a sense of identity and style confidence is important to being a great mom.”
HOW: “Recently, I’ve been loving soft fabrics that are snuggle-friendly, easy shapes that are fuss-free, stylish sneakers, and colorful extras. This jacket is soft and cozy for the babe, and instantly brightens up any look. Same with these cheery tassel earrings—plus, they’re sure to make my little boy smile!”

WHO: Blair Donovan, Senior Personal Stylist
WHAT: “Lately, my ‘life uniform’ has consisted of simple, pared-back basics dressed up with statement accessories. It’s a tried-and-true formula, but I want to invest in some more fun and unique fashion pieces for the spring.”
HOW: “Whether it’s a plain t-shirt or an embellished blouse, I’m always drawn to timeless shapes in luxurious fabrics—some things never change! I really love this ruffled, shimmery midi skirt—it feels like a work of art, and would pair great with my more casual tops. This gown is anything but basic with oversize florals and head-to-toe sequins, but the silhouette is so easy to wear.”

WHO: Jen Jacob, Personal Stylist
WHAT: “My city-girl habits run deep with a wardrobe full of black, gray, navy, and cream—finding color in my closet is nothing short of a miracle. This year, I want to reflect my inner energy through my style.”
HOW: “With my new mission in mind, I’m loving colorful layering pieces to throw over my neutrals, familiar shapes in fun colors, and accessories in vivid hues. This rainbow-striped cardigan is great with jeans—or, to really seal the deal, I’ll try it with a colorful pant. On days when I can’t help but return to my neutral uniform, this clutch is the perfect pop of red—it completely stole my heart.”

WHO: Claire Stepherson, Personal Stylist
WHAT: “As a stylist, I help customers build thoughtful wardrobes. Yet when shopping for myself, I buy strictly on emotion, which has led to a closet full of statements and few staples. This year I want to actually take my own advice and get back to basics.”
HOW: “Tailored shapes, solid colors, classic stripes, and versatile metallic accessories are at the top of my shopping list. These trousers fit the bill—the vertical stripe creates a long and lean silhouette, and the minimalist shape pairs great with my statement blouses. As for shoes, a metallic heel is as versatile as a classic black pump. I love this pair’s oversized buckle—it’s just the right amount of statement.”

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