Getaway Guide: Palm Springs

April 3, 2017

There’s something about spring that strikes up a certain wanderlust. After months of hibernating, we can’t help but step out into the fresh air and wonder, “Where to? And how soon?” This year the answer was, “Palm Springs, right away, please and thank you.”

We were lucky to have Katelin Ridenour along as our guide. Not only does she know all Palm Springs’ secrets, but as an event planner, she has plenty of advice on how to plan a little so you can relax a lot. We asked her to share some getaway tips and tricks—because hopefully, the next adventure is just around the corner.

As an event planner, what would you say is a common mistake that people make when planning a getaway?
Relying solely on guidebooks! Travel guides are helpful, but should not be used exclusively. Make sure you leave time and create flexibility in your schedule to soak up the culture and get to know the people around you. The most unique and memorable experiences are when you step out of your comfort zone, ask for advice and make friends on your trip.

It can be hard to unplug these days! Do you have any tips for disconnecting a bit and relaxing?
Let’s be real—no one is going to turn off their phone for a week. It’s fun to stay connected while traveling and keep people updated on where you are and what you’re doing. That being said, it’s important to unplug from work or things that cause anxiety. A good way to start is by creating boundaries, turning off notifications and setting limits on how often you reply to emails. If this feels impossible, book excursions that force you off the grid, like a boat ride or hike.

As for picking a destination, what should you take into consideration?
First I think about who I will be traveling with and how much time I’ll have there. It’s important for me to really feel like I’ve experienced a place fully and not feel rushed. Is this a fun trip with your best friend? Or a romantic getaway? I always say dream big when planning a trip! Don’t write off a destination because it’s too far or seems too expensive—you never know what deal you can find.

You’re a professional planner. But when it comes to traveling, how much planning do you recommend? 
Let yourself live in the moment—planning only gets you so far. Before you leave, write down a few top recommended bars, restaurants and excursions and book any must-do activities so you don’t miss out. At the same time, give yourself freedom. You do you—if that’s waking up at the crack of dawn and exploring all day and going to bed early, do it! If it’s lounging by the pool for half a day and doing nothing but soaking up the sun, do it!

What’s a packing secret most people don’t know?
Never bring clothes you haven’t worn before! If you hid it away in your closet and pack it thinking now is the time you’ll wear it, think again—you won’t. Bring what you feel confident in and already know how to accessorize.

Say it’s your first time visiting Palm Springs. What makes your must-do list? 
Well, you have to visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs and have a date shake, the unofficial drink of Palm Springs. Happy hour at The Parker is a must, as is brunch at The Ace—the ricotta pancakes with fresh berries and honeycomb butter are amazing. And of course you have to relax poolside with all the mimosas and pool floaties—that’s what Palm Springs is for!

Thanks to our friends at the beautiful Korakia Pensione resort for hosting us in Palm Springs! 

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