NYE Beauty Tutorial: The Five-Step Updo

December 20, 2016

There’s nothing we love more than a beauty shortcut—especially during the holidays. As simple as a ponytail, this elegant updo is ready for New Year’s Eve in five fuss-free steps. We’d say this calls for a glass of bubbly, no?

Prep damp hair with a bit of mousse and blow-dry on a low setting (this encourages curl). 

Loosely wrap hair around a curling iron and spritz with dry shampoo for extra texture.

Gather hair in ponytail and pull through elastic three times. On third pull, leave a loop of hair secured in the elastic.

With large hair pins, begin securing bits of your loop and tease the tail for extra volume.

Spray a powder brush with dry shampoo and use to fluff the hair around your face and nape of neck for flattering fly-aways.


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