A New Spin: Swivel Chairs For Every Room

October 20, 2017

In 1776, just a mile from our Home Office in Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence while sitting on his latest invention: the swivel chair. Tired of his workaday Windsor, he detached the seat from the legs, perched it on a rotating iron base, and the rest is history.

And as much as we appreciate Mr. Jefferson’s craftiness, his original swivel chair wasn’t exactly a looker. That all changed in the 1950s and ‘60s, when furniture designers resurrected the style and worked their mid-century magic. The result?  Some of the most influential and recognizable rotators: Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, and of course, Charles and Ray Eames’s eponymous lounger.

Since then, swivel chairs have been a staple in offices, living rooms, and Bond villain lairs alike. Why? Because they’re the perfect marriage of form and function. That’s why we’ve got seven silhouettes on rotation this fall. Let’s take them for a spin, shall we?

The Almere

Attention Brooklynites: the angular Almere is the small-space solution for petite apartments and cozy studios. Its soft velvet upholstery sits atop a brass-finished base that easily pairs with your room’s most modern pieces.

Take Your PickThe Almere is finished in a rich, soft velvet. Just choose your hue.

The Marly

Think of this Hollywood Regency-style seat as the Barkwick’s little sister. Like its counterpart, the Marly has a row of classic button tufting along the back and sits on a hidden swivel base, but its overall silhouette is much more petite–the perfect option for cozy living rooms and reading nooks.

Take Your Pick: Whether you’re in need of a pet-friendly performance wool or a luxe premium leather, you can customize the Marly however you like.

The Barwick

This ample occasional chair boasts more than just matching throw pillows and stylish button tufting. With a hidden swivel base, the Barwick offers 360-degree views and a roomy seat. Thanks to its generous size, this chair looks great in larger living rooms or as the focal point in an accent corner.

Take Your Pick: Outfit your Barwick any way you like with our custom upholstery selection, or choose the bicolor Wool Diamond or the neutral Textured Cotton.

The Amoret

The generous cushion and curvaceous barrel of the Amoret offer hints of glam from every perspective. It’s seated on a visible wooden plinth, which adds a timeless, airy neutral to whichever room you place it.

Take Your Pick: From the colorful Purcella and Liberty Feather Bloom prints to the neutral Wool Diamondthis chair is a versatile people pleaser. Did we mention you can customize your own, too?

The Anselle

Atop a modern brass base that sits low to the ground, the Anselle offers two rows of button tufting and a generous cushion. But beware: once you’ve settled into its ultra-comfy seat, you’re not going anywhere. Place this one in a room where you’ll want to kick back and relax for a while.

Take Your PickThis respite’s plush velvet upholstery comes in shades of rose, grey, and amethyst.

The Elowen

Our most ergonomic chair, the Elowen’s sleek silhouette captures the spirit of the swivel. Featuring an adjustable seat and polished brass legs, it’s crafted with your desk in mind, the perfect perch to catch up on emails or pen a letter to a friend.

Take Your Pick: Take your pick of three shades of rich velvet, or opt for the luxe, deco-inspired chenille.

The Adavale

Like its Egg Chair inspiration, the Adavale has a cozy seat that rests on a four-point, brass-plated base. Its high back and ample arm rests make this silhouette a real head-tuner, so put it on display for guests in your living room or as the star of an accent corner.

Take Your PickTake your pick of dark jade, navy, or white velvet.