A Mother’s Sun: Meet Katie Hintz

April 27, 2018

Ever since she was a child, Katie Hintz-Zambrano knew she wanted to be a mother. But it wasn’t until 2013, after the birth of her son, Diego, that she realized motherhood would play such a prominent role in her professional life.

“Within the first week of having my son I saw there was a huge void in the market for a modern parenting website,” says Katie, a former journalist. “There wasn’t a daily destination for the type of person that I was – a woman who didn’t want to be viewed only as a mom.”

After finding a kindred spirit in fellow mom and writer James Kicinski-McCoy, Katie launched MOTHER. The go-to editorial resource for mothers around the globe, MOTHER covers everything from the impact of social media on teenage girls to natural skincare tips to raising politically conscious children. Profiles provide a peek inside the diverse lives of artists, activists, designers, chefs, doctors, and yogis as they navigate their own unique experience of motherhood.

As Diego, now 5, gets older and more curious about his mom’s pursuits outside of playtime, Katie is sure to fill him in on her life as a working parent.

“I think it’s important for him to know that I work as hard as his father – maybe even more so,” she adds with a laugh. “It’s important for children to know that both parents are working, even if you don’t have a business outside of raising your kids.”

Katie is quick to admit that balancing a business and a family can be challenging. “Being a mom feels really full – of love and joy and all the beautiful things, but it’s so full that there’s no room for a break sometimes,” she says. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted, but you can never anticipate what it’s going to be – and it’s a lot some days.”

When she’s not hard at work on MOTHER or her second business, In Good Company, a conference and event series for entrepreneurial women, Katie can usually be found out and about in San Francisco with her “little buddy.” “I love to go on little adventures with Diego,” she says. “He comes to parties with me – he just wants to be anywhere that I am. He’s a bit of an old soul. He’s been watching ‘The Crown’ with me, and he’s really interested in all the plot lines. He’s a very mature kid, which I get a kick out of.”

As a modern mother, Katie is cognizant of her responsibility to raise a thoughtful son. “There’s so much advice about raising girls to question gender norms, but we also need to teach our sons to do better, to not perpetuate these things,” she says. “I’m really conscious of Diego having strong female role models – I make sure he has female superheroes in his arsenal, and that he has female friends that he plays with.”

With Mother’s Day approaching, Katie is looking forward to an afternoon spent with Diego and her husband, Horacio. While some homemade artwork would be nice, what she really wants from her son – this day and every day – is plain and simple: “I would like Diego to be someone who embraces who he is and who others are, who stands up for himself and for others. I want him to find his unique passion in life and have the best time pursuing it.”

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Shot on location at San Francisco’s The Assembly, a co-working space for creative women.