Moms Who Inspire: Artist Lulie Wallace

April 20, 2017

Lulie Wallace never fails to brighten our day. Inspired by her Lowcountry roots, the Charleston-based artist and textile designer infuses a nostalgic Southern charm into her vibrant paintings, linens and housewares. Since first encountering her signature sun-drenched florals, we’ve been on a mission to plant them in every room.

These days, Lulie’s studio is even cheerier than usual. A year-and-a-half ago, she added “mom” to her impressive resume after welcoming a daughter, Edy, along with her husband, Harrison. We dropped by for a visit just before she celebrated her second Mother’s Day.

Since becoming a mother, have you changed the way you approach your work?
I have to make sure I take care of my business, but also myself and my child—I have two jobs now, but not twice the time. Before I had Edy, there were a lot of different aspects to my workday. Now, I’ve really focused on the things that I enjoy and are worth my time. For me, that’s painting and fabric—I’m best for my business when I’m focused on making art. Being a mother has pushed me, both professionally and personally, and has really made me appreciate my job.

Do you think Edy will follow in your footsteps someday?
I would love for Edy to love art! She has an Etch A Sketch, and it makes me so excited to see it in her little hands. My husband’s an architect, and she’s such a daddy’s girl—I could see her having that analytical side as well the creativity.

We’re always seeing new work from you! How do you balance everything?
Before becoming a mother, the vast majority of my day was only work, but now there’s this whole other layer. And it’s a wonderful layer. Now I make sure I’m finished up and home by 3 to give myself two hours to hang out with just Edy. I really treasure the day-to-day caring for her, like making her peanut butter-and-jellies—you should see how excited she gets when I take out the peanut butter! And just wrapping her up and snuggling her. I’ll actually wake her up just to snuggle her.

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