Meet the Maker: Florence Balducci

December 3, 2015

We’ve long-loved the whimsical illustrations of Parisian artist and designer Florence Balducci. But even so, we weren’t quite prepared for The Wild Masquerade, her new, just-for-us tabletop collection. Equal parts magical and merry, it’s slated to be the guest of honor at all of our holiday happenings. Unfortunately, Florence herself won’t be able to make the Anthro office party—something about champagne and dinner parties in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower—so we made sure to check in before the season was in full swing.

First things first: How are you doing after the devastating attacks on Paris?
After the shootings, including one on my street, the most comforting thing is to take care of the people close to me, to feel safe and warm in my home and above all, to draw, which is the best medication against gloominess.

How do you think your beloved city will rebound for the holidays?
Paris is already bouncing back! Parisians are staying strong and are more attached than ever to their city!

We understand that you love hosting dinner parties. Can you tell us about your plans this year?
My dinner parties are always based on the people coming. I usually do most of them between Christmas and New Year’s, and I always serve delicious things from the South of France—particularly good wine.

Is there a recipe you’re known for?
My surprise salads, my fish, my fruit compotes…I like to change my recipes and never make the same dish twice!

Will you be putting up a tree?
Yes, we’ll have a tree in my courtyard made from pinecones, a sculpture made by my father. We decorate it each year.

Finish the following: The best holiday party I ever attended…
Was a Christmas next to the sea with my family. We put a blanket on the sand with candles and ate shrimp grilled in champagne—what a dream! 

What are you wishing for this year?
Peace on Earth and more time to do things well and with love.

Joyeux Noël, Florence!

More of Florence’s fantastical fare, right this way.