Meet the Makers: Spring Artist Collaborations

March 1, 2018

An artful home is one that celebrates beauty in the everyday. These little moments, after all, are what makes a space all your own. From duvets to dinnerware, coffee cups to cellphone cases, there are endless opportunities to inspire, and we’re always on the lookout for artists to invite into our daily lives.

This spring, we were lucky to dream up new designs with painters, illustrators, and ceramicists whose work we’ve long admired. Here, meet the makers behind some of our favorite home collections.

british columbia, canada
Cathy Terepocki isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Growing up in rural Ontario, she developed an appreciation for off-the-grid, do-it-yourself innovation. Her teenage years included a stint at a gold mine in the Australian outback, a summer job that funded six more months of travel. Today, you can find Terepocki in her garden shed studio, a tiny nook of a wild British Columbia homestead that also includes three children, one cat, a miniature donkey, a few rabbits, and several chickens for good measure.

Combining classic crockery materials alongside fine gold finishes, Terepocki wanted to explore both the heritage and possibilities of pottery with her latest collection. “I’m very drawn to nostalgia and familiarity—but at the same time, clay presents so many new opportunities,” she says. “There’s this inherent invitation to experiment. I try to create pieces that are reminiscent of a certain time, but also something I’ve never seen before.”

delft, the netherlands
Known the world over for its iconic blue-and-white ceramics, Delft has been a pottery powerhouse since the 1600s. One of the Dutch city’s signatures? The painted tile, a quaint craft often depicting scenes of country life. Today, StoryTiles continues the tradition with miniature works of art, each hand-baked and illustrated with a touch of whimsy. Think less windmills and seascapes, more unicorns and bathing beauties.

We were such fans that we asked StoryTiles founder Marga van Oers to design a tabletop collection incorporating her illustrations. In addition to her Dutch heritage, she drew upon Mexican and Moroccan tile motifs. “They’re very different cultures, but they share this rich visual language that everyone can understand,” she says.

paris, france
We’ve long-loved illustrator Florence Balducci’s otherworldly creatures. Wild and witty, her mysterious menagerie seems almost ready to join the dinner party conversation. Once you consider the Parisian-based artist’s unusual process, it begins to make sense.  “When I first imagine my animals, I imagine them as humans,” says Balducci, who has based many a critter on unsuspecting acquaintances. “Animals, like us, have so many layers to their personalities.”

Her new collection of monogram mugs features 26 new friends, from one very fashionable alligator to a smartly striped zebra.

brooklyn, new york
Lillian Farag has a word in mind when she sits down to the easel in her Brooklyn studio. “I want my work to be happy,” says the painter. “And I want it to make other people’s homes happy. You spend a lot of time there, and it might sound simple, but you deserve to be happy at home.”

With splashy florals and colorful geometrics, Farag’s new collection of linens and stationery has a sunny, tropical warmth. It was, in fact, inspired by an island—but perhaps not one you’d suspect. “I take a lot of inspiration from the hustle and bustle of New York,” says Farag. “The people and the energy of this city are so bright and optimistic.”

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