Meet The Maker: Lindsay Emery

March 1, 2017

For Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio, every plate serves up a story. Her grandmother’s delicate tableware inspired some of her very first work on the potter’s wheel, and vintage cake stands line her cozy North Carolina workshop. “I’ve always been fascinated by what we hold dear from the past,” she says, “What sets these pieces apart—why where they kept safe and passed down from generation to generation, from gathering to gathering?” As longtime admirers, we were delighted to collaborate on this heirloom-in-the-making collection, featuring her signature pearlescent glazes and gold flourishes.

A great day begins with coffee—and then another cup of coffee.

The last song I listened to on repeat was “Bang Bang,” Nancy Sinatra’s version.

I never leave home without a snack—I can go into zombie mode pretty quickly.

I’m proud of this collaboration! Working with Anthropologie to design this growing collection is a total dream come true.

My dream dinner party guests include my friends. In the last decade, jobs and various opportunities have scattered us across the country—I would love to gather them for an amazing meal together.

My most prized possession is my fixer-upper. After renting for years I took the plunge into homeownership and I’m loving every messy, paint-covered moment of it.

If I wasn’t an artist I’d be an art historian.

The next place I want to travel is Mexico! 

Weekends are for antique shopping and renovating—that is, when I can pull myself out of my studio.

Happiness is a home filled with people, pets and objects that make your heart pitter-patter. 

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