Tips From Our Photographer: How To Document Your Trip

June 14, 2017

A great trip deserves great photos. Long after arriving home, they’re how you’ll remember the sounds of the sea, the colors of the market and the joys of discovering a new nook of this big, beautiful world.

As our globetrotting social media photographer, Morgan Johnson is a pro at capturing the moment while far and away. In fact, we were so taken with her snaps of Granada, Spain, that we had to ask—what’s her secret? (And, of course, can we tag along next time?) Before you set sail this summer, read on for her tips on what equipment to bring, how to get a great shot and why you might want to take an Instagram break.

“I like to use multiple mediums to record my travels, so I typically pack a DSLR, a Polaroid and an iPhone, which is great for video. One of my favorite ways to document a trip is to take snippets of video every day and compile it when I’m home. If you’re using an iPhone, make sure to film horizontally to best capture your surroundings!”

“One of the easiest ways to ensure great photos at popular tourist stops is to arrive early and beat the crowds.”

“If you’re using a DSLR, remember to set it before handing it to a stranger to take your photo!”


“The proverbial ‘golden hour’ is always the most magical time to shoot photos. Take advantage of the dreamy, early evening light—most of my favorite memories traveling have been watching the sun set over different cities.”


“Don’t feel pressure to post every photo to social media. I like to post one or two of my favorites, then save the rest to post when I’m back home—it helps me stay present while traveling.”


“Take Polaroids, buy postcards and keep receipts to create a travel journal. They’re so fun to look back through years later!”


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