How to Care for Your Denim

September 1, 2017

Jeans can be as personal and treasurable as a family heirloom — especially that one special pair. Just ask Anthropologie denim associate designer and blue jeans genius Nick Hathaway. “The most uniquely wonderful quality about denim, by far, is its ability to tell us about ourselves,” he says. “A pair of jeans worn over the course of several years carries not only the spirit and identity of the brand, but also an individual’s personal history — whether it’s that whisker pattern on the trunk that is uniquely yours, or the destroy hole at the knee with a story to tell, jeans are distinctly our own.”

Here, Hathaway shares his go-to tips on giving the best possible care to your favorite pair.

How to Care for your denim

1. Forego the Wash
“Love your jeans as is? Don’t wash! Anthropologie denim is made using the finest, rope-dyed indigo piece-goods, from some of the most trusted mills in the world.  That means your pair of jeans will continue to evolve, model, and age with elegance. Spot clean for any stains. If you’re worried about the smell of an unlaundered garment, try placing denim in the freezer overnight or briefly soaking them in cold water, without detergent. This will help to make your jeans feel freshly washed, while maintaining the integrity of your garment.”

2. Recreate the Perfect Fit
“A great wash is a work of art — and so is an impeccable fit. If you love your wash and color but miss the ‘hug’ of a jean right-out-of-the wash, try this trick: Briefly soak them in cold water, turn them inside-out, and throw them in the dryer on high heat.”

How to: Care for your denim

3. Use Caution When Cleaning
“Denim fabric can change color and bleed in washing, so it’s best to limit the amount of times your jeans hit the detergent, and to always wash cold.  If you do decide to machine wash, remember to turn the product inside-out, completely closing the front closure. When denim fabric comes into contact with a foreign object (e.g. your load of wash), abrasion occurs, which can lead to color chipping and fading of the garment — and the reason denim ages beautifully and uniquely over time. If you like your pair as-is, try to control this effect with the aforementioned tips and delicate washing.”

4. Evolve with the Eras
“Denim never goes out of style, but the way we wear and think about our jeans is constantly changing. Your pair of Pilcro’s will evolve over time naturally, but at-home DIY updates are much more fun. Try experimenting with raw-cut hems and frays at home, or chop your jeans with scissors for a cute cropped inseam and a clean look with a modern twist. If it’s more attitude you’re after, try throwing freshly cut jeans in the washer and dryer to reveal a new fray hem. Those with more patience may enjoy folding or hanging their jeans outside for a summery, sun-faded look.”


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