House Call: The Bedroom Refresh

October 27, 2017

Think about your latest trip: the local food, the amazing architecture, the late-night music. One thing that likely didn’t make your highlight reel? The sleep. No matter how beautiful your destination, we have a feeling that the first night you spent tucked into your own bed felt absolutely heavenly.

In the last few weeks, travel blogger Sharon Kim of The Pink Diary has hopped between New York, Alaska, and Paris as her 640K Instagram fans looked on. And while each trip seems even more amazing than the last, she couldn’t wait to get back to Virginia and snuggle up with her dog, Toby, in her own sheets. That wonderful, unbeatable ahhh feeling is just the reason she decided her bedroom deserved an upgrade.

“It’s such an important space, so I decided it was time for a new look,” she tells us. “I wanted to maintain the peaceful, minimalistic look that I love while adding some pops of color to the mix.”

Whether or not you travel as much as Sharon, you’ll want to see how she revamped her space. Because there’s always a meeting to attend or one more errand to run, and at the end of the day, your bedroom should be your personal retreat—a place that calms and inspires as you recharge and unwind.

We teamed up with Sharon to create a room that welcomes you home with calming tones, soft textures, and thoughtful accents. Read on to find out how it’s done.

Set the Tone with Neutrals
Ever try to relax in a a bright red room? It’s difficult. Because when it comes to channeling calm, there’s no better choice than neutrals. To ensure your room doesn’t take a one-note approach and end up a collage of beige, mix and match your neutrals and materials. “The gold velvet chair has great polished brass accents, and I love the leather pulls on the wooden dresser,” says Sharon.

Add a Calming Color
Color is important to Sharon, but she still wanted to keep things tranquil. Enter soothing seafoam. “I loved how the color worked with the diamond tufting on the bed,” she says. To make the headboard really pop, she anchored it with white bedding.

Layer on Textures
Sharon wanted to create a minimal feel without sacrificing coziness. Her trick? Texture, and lots of it. “I love white, minimal bedding,” she says, “But the geometric texture adds depth, and I love the way it plays off the grain of the dresser.” Also on her must-have list: tufted pillows and a fluffy pup.

A Bright Idea
Sharon’s bedroom invites a flood of natural light during the day—a welcome guest in any cozy room. But when she does need to turn on a light, she wanted to avoid anything harsh. “This lamp is perfect for reading a book under,” she says.

Curate Your Favorite Accents
Your bedroom décor is the first thing you see each morning and the last before you close your eyes each night. So put your favorite things on display, but edit wherever you can and avoid clutter. Sharon chose a small selection of books, flowers, and candles for a personal touch. “It’s the little things that make you feel like you’re at home,” she says.

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