Home Personal Styling: Print Mixing 101

September 14, 2016

As nesting season begins, we have questions. Which pillows? Which throw? On that couch? With this rug? Hmm.

Lucky for us, we have keen-eyed interior design buff, Anne W., just down the hall—and now you do, too! As our new Home Personal Stylist, Anne is available to help with all your curtain conundrums, wallpaper ambitions and foyer goals. Just send her an email and she’ll work her magic, whether you’re eyeing up a new duvet or building your bedroom from scratch.

Before she’s too busy for impromptu coworker consultations, we hit her up for a print-mixing tutorial. Thinking of giving this trend a try? Read on!

“When mixing prints, one of the most important things is to vary the size and scale of your patterns. If you have a smaller busy print, such as this chair, contrast it with a larger print, like the floral rug. They offset each other nicely rather than compete for attention.”


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“A great trick is to keep everything in the same color family. This dining room looks advanced, but it’s really about three colors—white, black and rust. The unified palette makes everything feel cohesive and does some of the work for you.”


“We’re all about prints this fall. Still, it’s important to incorporate some solid colors to give the eye a place to rest. Here, the pink chairs provide balance to the wallpaper.”


“Texture is, as always, key. When you have multiple prints, it creates visual interest without adding clutter—even though it’s a neutral, this tufted throw brings another dimension to the room.”

Whether you’re assembling a living room or a fall wardrobe, our personal styling team is here to help! Get in touch for a complimentary session today.
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