Holiday Tablescaping with Julia Sherman

November 24, 2017

Now that Thanksgiving is over, you can pack away the holiday serveware, kick back, and relax.

OK, maybe not so fast.

Although Turkey Day is the year’s most high-profile dinner party, hosting season is just getting started. There’s another month of gatherings ahead, and at the center of them all? The dining room table.

Julia Sherman approaches her table with an artist’s eye and a foodie’s appetite. The author of the quirky cookbook Salad For President,” she has food-centric installations at NYC’s MoMA and LA’s Getty Museum. “I tend to get a little carried away when hosting,” admits Julia, 34. “I have a lot of friends I don’t get to see that much throughout the year, so I like to make the evening feel special.”

With the holiday season in full swing, she invited us to her Brooklyn apartment and shared her top tablescaping tips. Be sure to check out @saladforpresident to whet your appetite for food inspiration.

Layer On The Linens

The easiest way to add dimension to your table? Linens—and lots of them. “Mixing textiles in different materials, prints, and textures works well for a casual evening,” says Julia. Here, we love the way she positioned her napkins and placemats at unexpected angles.

Get the look: Soften up your table with the Luxe Wool Table Runner. It’s a plush, dramatic counterpoint to the spread’s structured pieces.

Mix Things Up

Whether it’s your silverware, serveware, or seating, try more mixing and less matching. One thing you won’t find on Julia’s table? A proper set of wine glasses. “I like to serve wine using all different cups,” she says. “It’s great because then there’s a story behind each piece.”

Get the look: this bar cart is extra spirited thanks to the Inez Cocktail Shaker, Sankara Tumblers  and Solstice Coasters.

Pass the Plates

The holiday season is hectic by nature, so keep things simple wherever you can. When it comes to planning a menu, Julia almost always opts for family-style dishes. “It doesn’t have to get too fancy,” she says. “And it makes the food look so much better.”

Get the look: One dish that loves to be shared? Julia’s signature: salads. The Perasima and Ursula serving bowl are our go-tos for greens.

Stay True To Your Style

When your tableware comes out of the cupboard for the evening, you’ll want it to accent your room’s evergreen pieces, like wall art or dining chairs. Choose plates, napkins, silverware, etc. with a palette or motif similar to that of your dining room. “Figure out the general mood and style of your home,” says Julia. “You want to complement your year-round style, not just the evening’s table.”

Get the look: Julia went full-on floral with the Gilded Botany dinnerware. The shimmery gold petals accent her Elowen Chairs.

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