A Girl Called Scarlet

October 30, 2017

What’s in a name?

For some of us, perhaps not all that much. But when your name happens to be a common word, it can become A Thing. The Junes among us will always be tied to the month, just as Lily will forever receive her namesake bouquet. (We get it—and for the record, we’re sorry about any confusion, anthropologists.)

And so with rich reds all over the runways, we thought we’d check in with some Scarlet(t)s for their thoughts on the shade of the season. After all, no one has more experience with the bold hue—or, as it turns out, “Gone With The Wind” quotes.


When your name is Scarlet(t), you get used to people spelling it wrong—one “t” is for the color, two is for the “Gone With The Wind” heroine. Scarlet O’Neill suspects even her parents couldn’t keep it straight. “I’m actually named after Scarlett O’Hara—but for some reason, my parents spelled it differently,” says the Toronto-based photographer. Regardless, she doesn’t hold anything against the shade. “I reserve it for special occasions,” she says. “I always wear red for the holidays, and for my engagement party I wore a great scarlet dress.”

Get her look: Scarlet is cozied up in the Saskia Oversized Pullover, a wear-everywhere mockneck from Moth.


Like many of her fellow Scarletts, Scarlett Bowman was named after the one and only Ms. O’Hara. “My mom fell in love with ‘Gone With the Wind,'” she tells us. “Which is fine by me. I’ve always admired Scarlett O’Hara—she’s tough but also lovely and just very cool.” The London-based abstract painter is drawn to the shade, frequently incorporating it into her work. “I’ve always been attracted to the color red. I like my reds really bright, with a bit of orange.”

Get her look: For a casual afternoon, the Rach Ruffle-Sleeve Pullover is perfect over skinnies. But for Scarlett’s next gallery opening, we’re loving Monique Lhuillier’s Ruby Lace Dress.


As a New York-based model, Scarlett Schoeffling tends to wear a lot of black. That said, she makes sure to incorporate a little nod to her name. “I love the color scarlet,” she says. “I don’t wear a lot of color, so I always add a red accessory.”

Get her look: We love the way Scarlett brightened up a little black dress with the Valentine Leather Moto Jacket and Ruby Red Square Glasses.


Assume every Scarlett you meet has heard your clever “Gone With The Wind” joke. “I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me, ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!’ with a smirk and a lowered voice, channeling their inner Rhett Butler,” says Scarlett Miers, the Italy-based lifestyle blogger behind Petite Suitcase. When it came to naming her own little one, Scarlett went less Southern, more British: Alfie, her rescued chihuahua, is her loyal (and very photogenic) travel companion.

Get her look: Poms, please! Even Alfie agrees—the Cody Pullover is as cozy as they come. Paired with the Patchwork Crossbody bag.


Although her name suits her perfectly, model Scarlet Sage nearly wasn’t a Scarlet at all.  “I was born with red hair, and when my parents saw me, they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, what do we name her?'” she tells us. “They waited 10 days to decide—it was Ruby, then Rose, but they eventually settled on Scarlet.” She saves the color for when she’s ready to attract attention. “I don’t wear a lot of red usually, but when I do, I love how bold I feel.”

Get her look: Scarlet splits her time between Maine and New York, so the Rena Puffer Coat is perfect for the cold days ahead.