Get Workout-Ready with Taryn Toomey

January 11, 2016

It’s go time, people. Time to embrace the new, draw upon heretofore untapped reserves of determination and commit to working out. Or, at least, commit to some new workout gear. To help us in our quest for finding the perfect performance wear and the motivation to put it to use, we tapped Taryn Toomey, founder of the buzzy, mind-clearing, strength-cardio-meditation hybrid The Class, to help us get dressed, get inspired and get going on a fit and healthy 2016.

What are the wardrobe basics for someone embarking upon a new fitness regimen?
A fitted pair of leggings, a sports bra and a loose-fitting top. A looser top works well if you have a little bit of weight to lose. You can avoid feeling like you are squeezed into a whole “look,” while accentuating the areas of your body with which you are most comfortable. 

What are some spruce-ups you’d recommend to someone already committed to her routine?
If you have been working out for a while, perhaps try a new style of legging—if you usually wear a low-waist pant, try a high-waist pair and tuck your shirt in for very mod look! I like to mix it up and wear clothes that aren’t workout-specific—try tying an everyday tee in a knot at the small of your back for an effortless look.

What do you always have in your gym bag?
Headphones, a clean shirt and a post-workout beauty kit with facial wipes, rejuvenating serum, an eyelash curler and a bit of a cream blush to keep that post workout glow from subsiding.

What do you like to wear when heading to the studio, or running around town afterwards?
I always bring a fresh top to swap out for the sweaty one and layer it with a long cardigan or sweater that covers my bum. And booties or slip-ons so I don’t look like I just came from the gym. It’s these simple things that can quickly turn your look around after a good sweat.

We’re focusing on self-care more now than we did during the holidays. What is most important to keep in mind?
Envision a pendulum. If it pulls too far in one extreme, it then swings back into the other extreme. The key to finding balance is not letting the pendulum swing too far to any one extreme; recognize when you feel it beginning to pull too far in one direction and take the necessary steps to once again find that middle ground.

For you, what does “getting a good workout” entail?
A deep cleansing sweat, being pushed to my limit and feeling the rush of endorphins when I pass that limit, creating a new normal. Most importantly, it’s leaving a workout with a sense of peace and clarity.

Does The Class differ from a typical group fitness class? How so?
We dig beneath the surface of what one sees in the mirror. You won’t hear us talking about how many calories you are burning, instead we talk about burning the pent-up energy, frustrations and resentments that we carry—we often say, “put it on the fire.” In addition to the physical component, we collectively make sounds of release. The combination of physical and vocal release truly provides the carryover effect of letting go, which can help you make positive changes in your life. It’s an energetic, emotional and physical cleansing of oneself, all while changing every single part of your body.

Do you make resolutions?
I have to admit I have never made a resolution! Maybe this year I will make sure when I am with my children my phone is tucked away. I don’t want them to grow up competing for attention in this overly digital world!

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