In the Garden With Rebecca Gallop

February 8, 2016

Flowers are the little something that can change nearly everything. From bouquets of fresh-cut wildflowers to elaborate, multi-layered arrangements, each inspires a little burst of joy and a lot of drama (the good kind). With spring’s abundance of blossoms just around the corner, we turned to event designer and A Daily Something blogger Rebecca Gallop for her expertise on bringing life to a room and a room to life.

What flowers really say spring to you? Is there a favorite you wait all year to work with in spring?
White lilacs are my favorite spring flower, and they only bloom for a few weeks. They are incredibly fragrant, and when you add them to an arrangement, they bring so much texture and a wonderfully droopy shape.

What are some of your favorite vessels to put flowers in that aren’t vases? Are there any household items you’ve repurposed we may not have thought of?
I love using vintage crocks and pitchers for flower arrangements. It’s also fun to stick a bloom or two into the base of a candlestick with a tiny bit of water. Bowls make for great low arrangements, just map out a grid with tape or some chicken wire.

What’s a quick arrangement to pull together if you’re pressed for time?
In a hurry, I love to use fresh herbs from the grocery store. Parsley, rosemary, thyme and lavender are a few favorites. It’s also fun to buy a few bunches of flowers from the grocer or farmer’s market, all in the same color family—using just one color elevates common flowers that might otherwise be overlooked.

How can we keep our flowers fresh as long as possible?
Don’t forget these simple tips: First, give the stem a fresh, horizontal cut before placing in a clean vase with clean water, and cut off any leaves that will go below the water line. Use warm water to help closed flowers open up. Add large, heavier flowers and greens first, then fill in with smaller, more delicate flowers. Re-cut the stems and add or replace water daily. Finally, keep them away from too much sunlight and heat!

Say someone gives you a pile of baby’s breath and a carnations—how would you make those less-loved flowers feel fresh and modern?
Baby’s breath and carnations are so under appreciated. I think they look best on their own, in large quantities. I’ve seen carnations hanging from string to make a fun backdrop, as well as in a gorgeous ombre centerpiece spanning a long table—it made such a statement! As for baby’s breath, I love the larger varieties displayed in unexpected ways, like overhead in a giant globe, or in a thick garland. It’s so ethereal and whimsical.

Have to ask: favorite flower?
So difficult to narrow it down to just one flower, but I think I’d have to say poppy! They’re so bright and friendly and I love the way their stems grow so wildly.

Ready to make arrangements? Highlight your bouquet in a new vase—or make like Rebecca and try a bowl or candlestick.

Photography by Mornings Like These