Family Ties: The Imrie Sisters

February 28, 2018

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be on a beach vacation…forever? For the Imrie siblings and their growing families, life, work, and love all happen near the water. We spend the day with Tamsin, Caitlin, Lola, and friends at their home on the island of Maui  captured by their brother, Max.

Imagine your perfect day, every day, and you’ll be somewhere near the vibe these three give off when you hang in their company or peruse their Instagram feed. A close-knit tribe of three long-limbed, long-haired women who make their way in the world in a manner that’s completely beguiling; they are also co-creators of their family brand Imrie.

Often described by friends and followers as ‘nomads’ thanks to their beautiful, transient lifestyle, the sisters still manage to run a successful business, leaning heavily on straightforward communication to get things done. “We’re really honest with each other,” explains eldest sister Tamsin, 36. “Nobody holds anything back because they’re scared to offend their “associate”  it’s easier to speak your mind and have everybody else accept it and move on.”

Travel is at the heart of their lives here on Maui, inspiring both their work and their roles as parents. “We try to teach our children in the way we ourselves learned about life,” says middle sister Caitlin, 31.  “Our mum and dad always encouraged us to be on the move and enjoy different places…I honestly couldn’t live without it – the constant movement.” The children reap the benefits of this way of living, often boarding the plane to some new home or vacation destination whenever their schooling allows. “I think it’s their education — being, moving, seeing the world, and experiencing different people and cultures and places,” says Tamsin, mother of two boys.

Juggling the inevitable chaos that comes with the schedules of young children and constant travel for work with an enviable c’est-la-vie attitude, the sisters prefer to roll with it. “It’s like lots of balls in the air and then they all kind of just land,” says Tamsin. “Some of them land in the right place, and some just don’t. And that’s okay.” Adds Caitlin, “It often feels like we are all just riding the crest of a wave.”

So what’s the best thing about life by the water? “It represents the best way to be in nature,” says Lola, 26 “It’s just somewhere you can actually be silent and to get exercise  surfing, swimming  I hate doing workout classes. Oh and it also makes your hair softer! Ha ha. It’s good for everything.”