Denim: Now and Later

September 12, 2017

As we head into fall, there’s one closet essential we’re feeling particularly thankful for: denim. They’ve always been reliable, comfortable, and everyday must-haves, but jeans today pack enough style and personality to see us through the year’s most fashion-forward season. Take it from our personal styling director Christina Frederick, who keeps our outfitting aspirations in mind:

“In a stylish wardrobe, denim goes beyond your everyday blue jeans,” she says. “Look past the basics, and you’ll notice denim bottoms with artful details, dresses that are even easier than ‘jeans and a tee,’ and essential indigo shirts with incomparably laid-back appeal.”

As we embrace cooler weather, Frederick encourages us to round out our denim inventory with styles that are both on-trend and timeless. “Expanding the denim footprint in your closet beyond basic blues is a savvy way to create fresh, ‘wear now’ looks that will effortlessly carry you forward later,” she notes. Here, we celebrate denim dressing with three favorite end-of-summer looks that we’ll be sporting time and again—even after the leaves have turned.

The Style: Embellished Denim
There’s nothing as simultaneously comfortable and attention-grabbing as embellished denim, which Frederick notes can be styled in a variety of ways. “Special hem details take a classic crop to the next level,” she says.

Wear It Now: A cool graphic tee creates edgy juxtaposition with an artful hem. Feminine accessories—like ladylike flats and a classic crossbody bag—round out a sophisticated daytime look.

Wear It Later: As the temperature drops, elevate this jean for a dressier effect. Choose a stylish pullover with on-trend, ruffled sleeves and velvet accessories to create the perfect outfit for date night or after-work cocktails.

The Style: Denim Dress
When it comes to a practical garment that suits July and January alike, it doesn’t get any better than a classic denim dress. “It’s a super-flattering style that brings year-round versatility to any wardrobe,” notes Frederick.

Wear It Now: With this iconic silhouette, it’s best to keep things simple. While the sun is shining, go for an effortlessly feminine finish—showcase the classic shape and color of the dress with textural accessories like neutral sandals, fringed earrings, and an oversized tote.

Wear It Later: As temps start to dip, explore the layering potential of the dress. Additions like a metallic tee and cardigan offer visual interest—and make for a wonderfully cozy-chic vibe.

The Style: Indigo Shirt
The classic indigo button-down—a perennial favorite—can really shine this season. “It’s now easy to give this style a femme twist, which means we have a great excuse to add yet another one to our wardrobes,” says Frederick.

Wear It Now: Try it tucked into a polished skirt and accessorized with eye-catching earrings and stylish shoes. “This is a great look while the weather is still warm, and it’s a clever reverse of a classic outfit—a pretty blouse and jeans.”

Wear It Later: In chillier months, a button-down becomes a surefire layering piece. Frederick suggests wearing it open over a striped tee and embroidered denim. “The combination of these styles has a tomboy-chic effect that is as fresh as it is iconic.”


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