Cabin Fever: Six Retreats to Warm Up Your Winter

January 12, 2018

Raise your hand if you’re over the gloominess of winter.

We’re right there with you. (And it’s only January.)

With two months of the season left to go, it’s safe to say the cold weather isn’t going anywhere. But what’s to say you can’t? Instead of wishing the cold away, head out to a cabin and take in the beauty of winter in the woods.

Traditionally associated with early American settlers, cabins were favored by pioneers for their ease of construction and architectural simplicity. These days, however, the homes are anything but. Chic interiors, panoramic windows, and access to natural wonders define modern cabins—and we’re loving every bit of it.

From sipping a mug of cocoa in the Rockies to stargazing in Iceland, we’ve found six cabins that serve as the perfect hibernation retreats. Because when slushy sidewalks and icy commutes become the norm, it’s easy to forget that winter is, in fact, really quite lovely.

Èze, France

If a traditional woodland stay just isn’t your thing, then you’ll love this quiet cabin that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea from a hilltop nearly 1,000 feet up. Every room has a panoramic view, but head out to the spacious terrace if you really want to take in the sights. Once you’re there, the options are endless: lunch in the garden, a brisk stroll along the beach, or a walk through the stone streets of Èze. Simply put, a stay here means you’ll enjoy the off-season charm of the French Riviera (read: tons to do, few tourists).
Cost per night: $308
Sleeps: 5
Kid friendly: No
Pet friendly: Yes
Getting there: The cabin is just 20 minutes from the Nice airport and a five-minute walk from town, where public parking is available.

What to pack: This might be a cabin, but it’s also the French Riviera. Upgrade your winter gear with a fun faux-fur coat and booties.

Borgarnes, Iceland

Perfection. That’s how we’d describe this charmingly tiny, recently renovated retreat in the Icelandic countryside. Look out from the porch at night for a starry view that stretches as far as the eye can see. If you’re lucky, you’ll even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. A short drive to town of Borgarnes, it’s a secluded spot that feels all your own, but make sure to wander the property and say “Halló” to the neighbors—a herd of Icelandic horses.
Cost per night: $90
Sleeps: 4
Kid friendly: Yes
Pet friendly: No
Getting there: You’ll have to take a gravel road to get to the cabin, so arrive in a vehicle that can handle some light off-roading.

What to pack: Surprise—it’s cold in Iceland! Be prepared for the harsh weather with hats, gloves, and scarves.

Golden, British Columbia

Designed and built by brothers with a penchant for the outdoors, this cabin is a haven for lovers of nature and modern architecture. Views of the Blaeberry River and the surrounding wilderness come courtesy of the living room’s high, vaulted ceilings. As much as we’d love to cozy up in the sleeping loft all afternoon, we think a hike in one of the five nearby national parks or the surrounding Canadian Rockies is in order.
Cost per night: $371
Sleeps: 8
Kid friendly: Yes
Pet friendly: No
Getting there: Make sure you have a car that can handle mountanous terrain, especially if you want to make trips to and from the nearby town of Golden.

What to pack: Whether you want to lounge the day away or explore the mountains, be ready for anything by packing leggings, a good pair of sneaks and a reusable water bottle.

Maurice River, New Jersey

Located just 45 minutes outside Philadelphia, this brand new, modern A-frame is a favorite spot for our Home Office team to get a little R&R over a long weekend. Perfect for a quick, quiet escape, it’s impeccably designed and, unlike most cabin rentals, comes relaxation-ready with luxe linens, a well-equipped kitchen, Sonos sound system, and its own backyard beach. Did we mention the wood-fired hot tub? Glorious.
Cost per night: $150
Sleeps: 8
Kid friendly: Yes
Pet friendly: Yes
Getting there: A wooded driveway makes it easy to pull-up and park in any vehicle.

What to pack: There are two outdoor fire pits and hiking trails nearby, so bring marshmallows, a warm coat, and boots. Plus a good read for a quiet night in.

Big Bear, California

Calling all nature-lovers: this chic, slightly 1970s-style cabin has the San Bernardino National Forest for a backyard. Situated a few hundred feet from miles of hiking trails, you’ll be tempted to come out of hibernation for a brisk morning walk. Though, once you’ve settled into its spacious living room that bathes in natural light, you may not want to leave. Not to mention, each room in this cozy spot is decked with a perfect curation of vintage finds and mid-century-inspired pieces.
Cost per night: $175
Sleeps: 5
Kid friendly: Yes
Pet friendly: No
Getting there: In winter, you’ll need a little help from a four-wheel drive car to get up the dirt road that leads to the inclined driveway.

What to pack: If you’re planning to explore Big Bear, make sure to bring along plenty of layering essentials: teespullovers, and a light jacket.

Hillsdale, NY

Tucked deep in the forest on a six-acre lot, this large, modern cabin was designed to bring you as close to nature as possible. And with an abundance of glass front doors peeking out over the Hudson Valley, we’d say it succeeds. Inside you’ll find a wood-burning fireplace among a host of clean-lined, thoughtful furnishings. Designed by architect Adam Rolston, this mid-century gem is as impressive as its surroundings.
Cost per night: $350
Sleeps: 4
Kid friendly: Yes
Pet friendly: Yes
Getting there: The cabin is situated on a steep hilltop, so four-wheel drive will come in handy.

What to pack: No one would blame you if you never left the living room. Bring comfy joggers and leggings for lounging—and don’t forget the slippers.

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