Meet The Maker: Whitney Pozgay

February 27, 2017

Fashion designer Whitney Pozgay wears many hats in her bustling New York City studio. Some days, she’s collaborating with her husband, Parker, on a new print inspired by a recent adventure. Others, she’s carrying a bolt of fabric down Eighth Avenue, too eager to arrange pick-up for her newfound treasure. “I decided to set up shop in the Garment District because I’m very hands-on—there’s nothing I like more than discovering a new textile or meeting a new artist to collaborate with,” she explains. With the same joyful approach to print and pattern we’ve long loved in her clothing, Pozgay’s first foray into upholstery design arrives just in time for spring, exclusively for us.

A great day begins with the snooze button.
The last song I listened to on repeat was Devo’s cover of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.”
I never leave home without red lipstick and something to write on.
I’m proud of my partnership with my husband, Parker. We’ve managed to live and work together happily. 
I’ve always wanted to go to Kenya.
My dream dinner party guests include Tina Fey, Wes Anderson, David Bowie, David Hockney, Maya Angelou, Jon Stewart and Grace Coddington.

My most prized possession is a box of old letters and photographs.
If I wasn’t an artist I’d be a candy maker.
The next place I want to travel is Mexico City.
Weekends are for trying new things.
Happiness is the beach.
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