#AdventuresOfAnthro: Around the World with @CollageVintage

April 16, 2018

Some live to work. Others work to live. And then there are those like Sara Escudero – the tireless globetrotter also known as @CollageVintage – who both lives and works to travel.

A veteran fashion blogger, Sara began Collage Vintage in 2009 as a creative outlet while working in advertising in her hometown of Madrid. From the very beginning, she set her sartorial sights on a more international audience. Long weekends spent vintage shopping in London inspired her blog’s name, and soon, she turned her one-time hobby into a full-time career.

“When I was a little girl, I only traveled around Spain with my parents. Spain is a breathtaking place, but I always dreamed of traveling beyond our borders,” says Sara. “When I landed my job, I saved money so I could have new adventures in different countries.”

Today, more than 1 million Instagram fans follow along as Sara and her boyfriend, photographer Diego Anciano, crisscross the globe, documenting both far-flung street style and Sara’s effortless approach to outfitting. This spring has already seen trips to Italy, Paris, and Palm Springs, where Sara was kind enough to show our new Soludos x Anthropologie collection a little fun in the sun.

Although Sara calls Los Angeles home these days, Spain remains one of her favorite places to visit. Every summer includes a trip back to Formentera, a tiny Mediterranean island just south of Ibiza. “I always go for at least one week in either June or July – the beaches are paradise with white sand, crystal clear water, and the nicest people,” she says. “I have the most relaxing nights, and enjoy the best food. As much as I’ve traveled, I still think that Spanish food is some of the best in the world.”

Despite being a professional nomad and savvy stylist, Sara admits that one aspect of the lifestyle still alludes her: how to pack a proper suitcase. “I’m really bad at packing. I always forget something – it doesn’t matter how many lists I make,” she says. “I find that when you’re traveling, you’re always missing something that you suddenly want to wear. But if you have cute accessories and comfortable shoes, you can make anything work.”

So, where to next? Ever the wanderluster, Sara has a quick answer. “Australia! I need to get there as soon as I can,” she says. “There’s always somewhere on my bucket list. When I’m traveling, I’m always learning something new, meeting new people, discovering new cultures. Every day, I want to travel more – it’s addictive.”

Ready, set, wander: shop the new Soludos x Anthropologie collection here.