A Spirited Guide to Glassware

March 10, 2016


When it comes to the quandary of stocking a home bar with glassware, we’d like to paraphrase a famous problem-solving quote: when your only vessel is a Mason jar, every cocktail looks like a rustic punch. And, trust us, while we love ourselves the Mason jar aesthetic—ever see our Instagram?—some drinks deserve to be served in a more refined, flavor-enhancing presentation. So before you uncork your next deep, dark red or pop a prosecco, check out our handy tips for rounding out your bar.

Glass: Coupe
Best For: Bubbly
Fact: The word "champagne" rolls off the tongue, but should be reserved exclusively for the French variety
Recipes: Sweet Pea Cocktail, Marigold Champagne Cocktail

Glass: Snifter
Best For: Brandy, liqueur
Fact: The short stem encourages cupping the bowl with your hands, which warms and enhances the liquid inside
Recipes: Borage Pansy Cocktail, Corpse Reviver

Glass: Highball
Best For: The “&” drinks—Scotch & Soda, Gin & Tonic, Dark & Stormy, etc.
Fact: The name is inspired by the highball light, a railroad indicator that signals the time to pick up speed
Recipes: Summer Sparkler, Tequila Sunrise

Glass: Red Wine
Best For: Robust wine, sangria
Fact: The rounded bowl lets flavors oxidize and develop; the stem prevents “bowl grabbing” which warms the drink unfavorably
Recipes: Sparkling Sangria, Bay Breeze

Glass: White Wine
Best For: Crisp wine, the occasional cocktail
Fact: The smaller mouth means less oxidation, which keeps flavors clean
Recipes: Tuscan Wine, Prosecco Pina

Glass: Old Fashioned
Best For: Spirits—neat, on the rocks or mixed
Fact: The thick bottom stands up to zealous muddling, so give it some gusto!
Recipes: Sazerac, Satsuma Blossom

Glass: Flute
Best For: Champagne cocktails
Fact: The tall, skinny shape and narrow mouth preserves carbonation
Recipes: French 75, Kir Royale

Glass: Martini
Best For: Aromatic cocktails
Fact: The wide opening puts the drink right beneath the nose—sniff sniff, aaah
Recipes: Bachelor Button Martini, Spicy Cantaloupe Margarita

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