September 10, 2014

Sad but true: NYFW is almost over, but here to save us from such midweek doldrums is Kate Seward of, whose latest interviewee knows a thing or two about bold choices, both sartorially and professionally speaking.

 Stylist Kisha C. Jones, captured between shows on the streets of Chelsea.

You are print mixing beyond belief. As a stylist, is that something you’re drawn to? Or are you going out on a limb right now?
I love print mixing, but I definitely style this way much more than I wear it myself. Since it’s Fashion Week, I thought I’d wear something I love and have fun with it. Everyone’s in black and white right now. Trying to find people wearing print or color has been nearly impossible. Is this something you’re seeing for fall?
Absolutely. Much more tailored looks and monotones like greys, whites and blacks. But there are pops of color. Which colors are you seeing in particular?
Many reds. Different shades of green. A few metallics here and there. You mentioned Fashion Week. In general, what is your experience like? Do you look forward to it, or does it stress you out?
I love it. It’s the one time stylists actually get to dress up, see beautiful clothes and enjoy the shows. I love what I do, but most of the time I’m schlepping clothes through an airport, traveling, pinning, shooting, dusting, so this is the fun time of year. How did you get into your profession?
I studied design many years ago. I’m half-Italian, so I lived in Milan and worked at JapaneseVoguefor almost five years. I just kind of got thrown into it after fashion school. And now you work for yourself.
I do. I freelance. It will be three years in December. It has been very scary, very overwhelming, but also a good challenge. I’m growing and learning a lot, plus I’m happy. Things are really starting to click now.


Kate Seward is the founder and creative director of The Styley, a creative agency specializing in social media strategy and content production. She blogs about fashion and lifestyle