September 9, 2014

Another clear, crisp September day, another Fashion Week street-style profile, courtesy of Kate Seward of Having spotted the minimalist-maximus style of interior designer Zuzana Riedlova while roaming around Chelsea, Kate just had to learn more about Zuzana’s chic, black-white-and-dotted-all-over look.

‚ ‚ Interior designer Zuzana Riedlova, as seen in Chelsea.image

‚ ‚ A special memento from her mother-in-law-to-be.

What drew me to your outfit was the jacket, which I’m sure doesn’t surprise you, as you’re doing a very stark look, and it’s a little taste of color. What’s the story behind the jacket? Where did you two meet?
We met in Italy. It was love at first sight.

Really? Describe.
In New York, I’m always freezing because of all the air conditioning. A lightweight linen jacket with a touch of color was the perfect summer piece for me, as I’m always dressed in black or white.

Is black and white a trademark look for you?
It’s just being lazy, pretty much. I don’t know if you would call it trademark, but I find it easy to put things together like that, and I naturally tend to gravitate toward those colors.

Because it’s graphic?
Yes, I guess.

Is that an element of your work as well?
I guess you could say it’s architectural. I appreciate minimalist design.

Cleanliness in all things.
There you go.

And your necklace? Is there sentiment or significance to it?
It was given to me by my fiancé‘s mom. So you could say it has sentimental value. Since receiving it, I’ve never taken it off.

So that must mean that you get along with her.
I do. And it’s sentimental in the sense that she got it when he was born. It’s symbolic in a way“that she entrusted me with it and with him.

Kate Seward is the founder and creative director of The Styley, a creative agency specializing in social media strategy and content production. She blogs about fashion and lifestyle