September 8, 2014

Physically speaking, we’re 90 or so miles from the biannual hubbub otherwise known as New York Fashion Week, but let’s face it: it’s pretty much all we can think about. (Note our sneakily situated open browser glued to So what does one do when S/S15 daydreams beguile, but duty“otherwise known as the daily grind“calls? Why, call in Kate Seward of to capture all the glorious eye candy frosting the streets of Manhattan, that’s what! Have a read as Kate checks in with Kristen Lam, who is downright fearless when it comes to mixing traditional Breton stripes with all things bold. (Cue the knee-high gladiators!)

‚ Kristen Lam, social media coordinator at Intermix, spotted outside of Lincoln Center.

You have some bold things happening with your outfit.
You mean this carpet skirt?

Actually, what really struck me was that you’re wearing white with off-white.
I never really noticed that.

To me that is the most incredible move.
You have a keen eye for things.

Let’s talk about that skirt. What did you call it?
A carpet skirt, but in the best way.

Where did that name come from?
Because of the tassels. It has a very Aladdin feel.

Do you refer to it as your Aladdin skirt?
I just got it. This is the first time I’m wearing it out. It’s my weekend party skirt.

What kind of parties does it like to go to? Does it have a preference?
It’s kind of like, I want to show my legs, but I don’t want to give off that vibe.

So, sort of like, ˜I’m who’s boss, but I’m a hot boss.’
Right. I’m a girl, but I’m not your girl.

How does this skirt feel about these shoes, which are not for the average person? Are they boots?
They’re skeletal boots, if there is such a thing.

They’re She-Ra Princess of Power boots, is what they are.
Number one, they’re super comfortable.

You lie like a rug. Like a carpet, actually.
Nope. They really are super-comfortable!

Does the extra strap up top bother you, or does it help with balance?
It helps me feel taller because I remember to stretch myself out.

And what about the shark’s teeth you’re wearing? You’re wearing two. Is that an everyday occurrence?
The little one I wear all the time. I shower with it, I sleep with it. The big one is a statement necklace. I love it so much. It’s the poor man’s version of Givenchy’s shark tooth necklace, which I will never come close to affording.

What statement is that statement necklace making?
The same one the skirt was making.

‘I don’t bite hard,’ to quote Mike Meyers in Austin Powers?
Yeah, except I do. Kate Seward is the founder and creative director of The Styley, a creative agency specializing in social media strategy and content production. She blogs about fashion and lifestyle