September 5, 2014

Physically speaking, we’re 90 or so miles from the biannual hubbub otherwise known as New York Fashion Week, but let’s face it: it’s pretty much all we can think about. (Note our sneakily situated open browser glued to So what does one do when S/S15 daydreams beguile, but dutyotherwise known as the daily grindcalls? Why, call in Kate Seward of to capture all the glorious eye candy frosting the streets of Manhattan, that’s what! Have a read as Kate checks in with Jennifer Worman, who rocks a statement skirt like nobody’s business.

‚ ‚ Jennifer Worman, designer & CEO of t+J Designs, spotted outside of Lincoln Center.

Let’s talk a little bit about how t+j started. Have you always done design?
I’ve been in fashion for over ten years. I was a merchandise manager in New York, and then I moved to Chicago with my husband.

So the move was made for love?
Yes. It was for family and love. After we moved, I started my business because I really wanted to work for myself, and I had two babies along the way.

Congratulations. It sounds like it was a very smart move.
Yes, it was. (Laughs.)

Why jewelry design in particular?
I love that you can wear jewelry any time, any day, no matter what size you are. When I was pregnant, it was my biggest go-to. It’s something that styles every outfit.

Is the gorgeous necklace you’re wearing one of your pieces?
Yes. Everything I wear is mine except for my bag and my shoes.

It seems like you have a pretty well-defined visual voice. How would you characterize it?
I like glamorous things. Accessible glamour.

Bling for all.
Yes, exactly.

Let’s also talk about your skirt.
I designed it, and someone else sewed it. But I found the fabric and everything. I love the impact of a maxi. You can wear it with flats, you can wear it with a tank top. You can wear it in the wintertime and the summertime.

What’s interesting to me is the checkered fabric, and the choice of a large check in black and white.
I know. My husband calls it picnic table fabric.

So where did that idea come from?
You know, I’m weird. When I see something I love, I just know. That’s it. Everything is about the size and the fabric.

And in this case, it totally makes sense to have a large check.
It has an impact. Kate Seward is the founder and creative director of The Styley, a creative agency specializing in social media strategy and content production. She blogs about fashion and lifestyle