Make It Happen: A Whole Latte Love

August 14, 2014

When you see our Latte Bowls, you might think of pouring cereal or sipping cafe au lait, but did you know that they can do so much more than that? In fact, they may just be the unsung heroes of the house, which is why we asked design and lifestyle blogger Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts to come up with five ways to put these many-hued vessels to work in your home.

Hostess Gift


Tell us about the housewarming bowl.This is one of my favorite projects! This particular bowl has a gardening theme, with an outdoorsy mix of plant markers, a candle, a seed kit and a little bundle of chalk, but the sky’s really the limit! If your gift is for a friend who is fond of cooking, your bowl could contain items like measuring spoons, colorful dish towels and recipe cards. Maybe you know a student heading off to college? Give her a bowl full of desk accessories to perk up her new space. The Dalmatian Stapler, Lloret Pen Case, Ballpoint Pen Trio and Iron Utility Scissors are present perfect!

Flower Arrangement


Would certain types of flowers work better for a bowl arrangement than others?A mixture of full showpiece flowers and smaller filler flowers and greens is a good formula to follow. Having at least one type of flower or green that can drape over the edge of the bowl will give it a nice effect.

Painter’s Palette


Any painting tips for a novice?I’ve found that nothing can make a great painting go south faster than crummy paintbrushes. You really don’t need to spend a lot of money to significantly increase the outcome of your painting experience. I pick up sets of multiple brushes for under $20. While they’re not premium quality, they do the job nicelyfar better than the super cheap ones do!

Makeup Holder


What’s your favorite color latte bowl?‚ What else might you use the latte
bowls for?‚
I kind of love them all, but I absolutely adore the fresh color of the seafoamso much that I used it to inspire a recent kitchen painting makeover in our home.‚ I think the real question is, what‚ wouldn’t‚ I use latte bowls for? I use them for just about everything, and in every room of my home!

Kitchen Prep


How do you come up with DIYs featured on your blog?I wish there was a tried-and-true formula, but inspiration for my DIY projects usually strikes when I least expect it. I really love finding ways to repurpose everyday objects, so I often ask myself What else could this be used for? and sometimes that is enough to trigger a flurry of project ideas.

Looking for a DIY painting? Download Ez’s Å“You Are Beautiful illustration‚ here.