Make It Happen: Summer Sangria Bottle

June 19, 2014

Ah, sangria. The only thing more festive than whipping up a batch is enjoying it in the company of friends. But wait. That slosh-prone pitcher won’t travel well to the neighbors’ and you’ve already comingled the empty wine bottle with the other recyclables. Seems like there’s no better time to try this simple, pretty DIY that will transport your beverage in style.‚


WHAT YOU’LL NEEDEnamel paint
Skinny paintbrush
Mason jar


Before beginning, read the paint labels to be sure you have everything you’ll need. Many brands require primers, topcoats or special curing techniques. Follow your brand’s instructions to ensure that your design will last.

Wash and dry your jar. Apply any primers if needed, and let them dry as well. Begin painting your design; we went with a few freeform flowers that were practiced on paper first. Wash your brush with water between colors, being careful not to leave the brush too wet. Allow your design to dry completely before applying any second coats, if necessary. When finished, apply any required topcoats or curing techniques. Always hand wash your finished piece, to protect your lovely design.