A Moroccan Dinner Party with The New Potato

March 4, 2014

To say that Danielle and Laura Kosann write about food on their blog, The New Potato, is to put it simply. The sister epicures are rising stars in the culinary blogging world, thanks to their trademark mix of interviews with fellow foodies, finely curated recipes, in-the-know travel, décor and lifestyle tips, and a heaping helping of flat-out funny (check out Laura’s forays into hot yoga and juice cleansing if you don’t believe us). We can’t think of anyone better with whom to throw a Moroccan dinner party, so we asked Danielle and Laura to dish about hosting a festive ˜do. Here, the pair tells all, from soup to nuts.


Laura in the Boteh Maxi Dress and Danielle in the Canna Shift.

What is your favorite part of dinner party prep?
DK: Having a glass of wine and listening to music in the kitchen, by myself, before everyone comes over. My favorite part of the party itself is when guests arrive, welcoming everyone and making cocktails. That’s the most exciting part of the night.


How about the ideal number of guests?
LK: That depends on the size of your home! I think twelve is a really good number for a dinner party, because it’s big enough that everyone has someone to talk to and it feels really festive, but it’s not too big of a group that you can’t give everyone the attention they want. Any bigger than that, and it’s a cocktail party.


Ingredients on a Kalindi Napkin.

Let’s say a hostess is running short on time. Any recommended shortcuts?
DK: Cook something‚ that can go undisturbed for a long time. Something like short ribs can simmer away for a few hours, giving you time to get the rest of the party ready. If you had planned to make something that’s a little more complicated, like a fussier appetizer, do a beautiful cheese plate instead. Or cut that extra side dish. People are happy when there’s good food and the company is great.


Couscous and carrot salad served on Blooming Lace Serveware.

On the flip side, where’s the best place to go big?
LK: Décor. Ambiance issoimportant. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend more money; think about things like napkin rings, beautiful place settings, fresh flowers and extra candles. If you put a little more time into setting the scene, the results can be amazing.


Fresh flowers in the Pinched Garden Pot.

What is your go-to drink for a dinner party?
DK: Wine is always a safe bet and goes with everything. In terms of cocktails, I love Moscow Mules. They always go over really well before dinner. (Editor’s note: the Moscow Mule is composed of ginger beer, vodka and fresh lime juice.)


Blooming Lace Dinnerware, the Balancing Elephant Taper and Palace Trellis Glasses set a pretty table.

What is your stance on sending invitations?
DK: I’m old-school: paper invitations all the way! I’m obviously a huge proponent of digital, but there’s nothing like a handwritten invitation.

Have a sudden craving for couscous and carrot salad? We thought so.
Check out the recipes here. Flowers provided by Sullivan Owen.