Pen the Perfect Thank You Note

January 8, 2014

The last cookie has been consumed, the ornaments are packed away and the one thing left to do to wrap up this holiday season is to give thanks. If you’re anything like us, you may have been staring down that stack of thank you cards for days now, which is why we’ve come up with five tips to get you started.

Think outside the box.Every sweater, teacup and candle deserves a thank you note, of course, but don’t forget to acknowledge the intangible giftsthe black-tie party hosted by your cousin or the neighbor who helped carry your tree up three flights of stairs.

It’s the thought.We admit it: we’re hopelessly devoted to fine stationery, but a sheet of elegant paper or a postcard is just as lovely.

Novel-writing not required.The basic formula for thank you notes is this: 1. Greet the giver. 2. Thank them for the gift. 3. Write a line or two about why you adore the gift. 4. Add another line about your relationship with the giver. 5. Thank them again and close with your regards. That’s itshort and sweet!

Find that one good thing.Can’t stand the gift? Don’t panic! Pick one feature you kinda-sorta like about itmaybe that crazy coat from Aunt Mo has fabulous shiny buttonsand focus on that.

Better late than never.We try to get our thank you notes finished within a month, but sometimes the sun is out, the dog needs walking, there’s something irresistible on TV and, well, life happens. Which is why we say, better late than never! A show of gratitude is always appreciated, no matter when it arrives.