A Cup of Kindness Yet: The New Year’s Eve Bar

December 27, 2013

Noisemakers or pots-and-pans? Guests dressed up to the nines or down in jeans? A sit-down feast or Chinese take-out? Many elements of your New Year’s Eve party can be made to your liking and decided on a whim, but there’s one ironclad rule that we stand by: a well-planned, well-stocked bar is a must. Not sure what to supply? Start with vodka, gin and bourbon and you’ve likely got a good portion of your guests’ favorite sips covered. Build on that with rum and whiskey. Tequila is great to offer to those who are perpetually longing for summertime. And don’t forget the mixers“keep club soda, tonic and juice on hand in abundance. Once the bar is furnished, all that’s left to do is lower the lights, welcome the guests and tune up your pipes for a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne as the clock strikes 12. Happy New Year!